Future of Hospitality: Benefits of IPTV Systems for Hotels

IPTV system in hotel room

The importance of quality television systems in hotels can’t be emphasized enough. As Hotel Tech Report notes, “Hospitality TVs are more than just channels, they are smart hubs for guest experience, branding and communications [and] . . . Today’s guests are used to having top-notch tech at-home and have begun to expect more from the…

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Autora DSM: User-Friendly, Cost-Effective Content Delivery Platform is Officially Here

restaurant digital signage management

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – MDM Commercial Enterprises, Inc. announced on Tuesday the official launch of its new digital signage content management platform, Autora DSM. Delivered in partnership with Wisar Digital, Autora DSM allows facilities management and marketing teams of all sizes and skillsets to deliver engaging digital content throughout their facility with ease. Inspired…

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Transforming Hotel Stays: The Art of Seasonal Content Design

In the competitive field of hospitality, exceeding guest expectations is key. With the ever-evolving hotel digital signage and technology landscape, managers can seize the opportunity to create outstanding guest experiences. LG Pro: Centric and Pro: Centric Smart capable TVs offer a unique opportunity to incorporate a digital content design that can enhance the guest experience. Their synergy…

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What Are Healthcare Technology Solutions?

“Healthcare technology” is an umbrella term that refers to information technology (IT) tools, including software, that help to boost efficiency in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to enhance the quality of services provided. Well-designed healthcare technology solutions can help to cut costs, and a key goal of them is to personalize the patient experience. Other…

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Ultimate Digital Signage Solution Guide

digital signage

Digital signage solutions serve as real game-changers for facilities in a wide range of industries. They provide exactly what you need to gain the attention of your target audiences and then deliver the engaging material that you want to communicate whether educational, promotional, or entertaining. In fact, using digital signs in your business or organization…

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How Switching to Digital Menu Boards Can Enhance Your Success

Pleasing your guests and boosting your bottom line are two key goals for a hospitality business—and digital menu boards can help you to accomplish both of them. Today’s digital menu boards for restaurants are fully customizable, too, so you can achieve these goals in uniquely brand-specific ways. Here are ten ways in which digital signage…

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