Benefits of Hotel Microwave Fridge Combo Appliances

When thinking about what in-room amenities to provide your guests, one of your considerations will be space: how much a room has and how to prioritize what guests will appreciate the most. Kitchen appliances can be on the top of guests’ lists because they provide plenty of practical convenience: for families who don’t always want…

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Three Things to Know When Buying Outdoor Stadium Digital Signage

Outdoor Stadium

Stadium digital signage is typically used to communicate information to large numbers of people within the facility and may also be used to attract people outside of the stadium, enticing them to come inside. Just like with any other type of location, your needs for sports field digital signage can be unique. So, to make…

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Ten Things to Know About Pro AV

Pro AV

Pro AV is integral to our lives today and the way of the future! Here are ten insights into its definition, industry growth, benefits, and much more. #1 General Definition “Pro AV” is a term that’s short for “professional audio visual.” This is an umbrella term that covers audio visual systems intended for commercial use…

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Our Predictions: The Future of Hotel Digital Signage

hotel lounge with digital sign

Not that long ago, the prediction that television sets, computers, and electronic signage could be combined into one technology may have seemed too futuristic. Hospitality digital signage is quickly realizing those futuristic trends, so dream big! Those dreams may translate into reality much more quickly than you might expect. Providing hotel digital signage amenities like…

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Being a Servant Leader and What That Means In The Healthcare Industry

female nurse team leader

Servant leadership puts people first. As a servant leader, then, it’s important to value relationships and work to build bi-directional trust. It’s crucial to work on relationships by actively listening with empathy and awareness, and caring about what’s happening in other people’s lives. In episode #7 of PX Space, Linda Robinson, MDM Healthcare’s VP of…

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Rise of Technology in Patient Care Post Pandemic

healthcare technology post pandemic

Healthcare has been on the verge of transformation for years—and then, through necessity, the pandemic broke through barriers and resistance to change at a pace nobody could have imagined. This, says Linda Robinson, the vice president of clinical excellence at Journey PX, happened because healthcare professionals needed to make fast, strategic decisions to meet overwhelming…

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Making It a Better Day for Nurses

female nurse checking blood pressure

Nurses have always needed to possess a strong sense of resilience: to persevere even when times are tough. As Linda F. Robinson, MSN, BSN, RN—and the vice president of clinical excellence for MDM Healthcare— puts it, hospital nurses will go down with the ship to help patients in the most challenging situations. So, what does…

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How Patient Engagement Drives Quality and Safety

nurse standing in hospital room

VP of Clinical Excellence at MDM Healthcare, Linda Robinson, tells patients that healthcare isn’t something that happens to them. It’s something that’s happening with them—and this patient engagement drives hospital quality and safety initiatives. In the past, engagement with medical professionals wasn’t emphasized. A doctor would simply tell a patient what to do. As care…

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How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Hospital’s TVs

young girl watching hospital tv

Hospital TVs play a significant role in a quality patient experience. To maximize the opportunities to satisfy yours and build their loyalty, it’s important to take advantage of the benefits of today’s modern healthcare TVs. If your healthcare facility is ready to upgrade or is in need of assistance with choosing the right hospital TVs,…

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