How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Hospital’s TVs

young girl watching hospital tv

Hospital TVs play a significant role in a quality patient experience. To maximize the opportunities to satisfy yours and build their loyalty, it’s important to take advantage of the benefits of today’s modern healthcare TVs. If your healthcare facility is ready to upgrade or is in need of assistance with choosing the right hospital TVs,…

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Eight Advantages of Using Hotel Digital Signage & Wayfinding Solutions

modern hotel lobby

The design of hotel digital wayfinding signs can mimic the results of cognitive studies that focus on how guests and other facility visitors intuitively move through buildings. The goal is to make the information-seeking process as simple as possible by laying out easy-to-follow digital wayfinding signs in ways that human brains naturally will understand. The…

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Choosing the Best Size Hotel AC Units For Your Property

comfortable hotel room

When air conditioning was relatively new—during the 1930s and 1940s—having this technology in hotels was considered a luxury, a way to pamper upper class guests. In 1957, though—according to Lodging Magazine—a major hotel chain said that “complete air conditioning has become a virtual necessity in leading hotels, as well as being a good investment.” Fast…

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Six Reasons Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Focus On Patient Experience

happy doctors

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality makes an important distinction: that patient experience is not the same as patient satisfaction (although the concepts are related). Patient satisfaction focuses on a person’s expectations and to what degree they were met. So, two different people could receive the same care but, because of their differing expectations,…

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Using Hotel Digital Wayfinding Signage to Enhance Guest Experience

digital signage enhance hotel guest experience

Hotel digital signage allows you to share in-demand information to guests in streamlined ways, providing what they want to know when they need to know it. This can include text, images, video, and more with the signage being a combination of hardware (LED and LCD screens, for example) and software that allows you to program…

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Do Hospital TVs Really Matter to Patients?

do hospital tv matter to patients

Here’s the short answer: yes. Having quality hospital grade TVs also matters to healthcare organizations—and here’s how they benefit patients and hospitals alike. Hospital TVs: Patient Perspective When people are in the hospital, their emotions can range from boredom to worry, anxiety, and fear. When there isn’t something to distract them, these feelings can snowball…

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Different Types of Hospital Televisions and Their Benefits

types of hospital tvs and benefits

Although hospital grade TVs, at first glance, can look like consumer grade TVs, important differences exist. Hospital televisions are specifically designed for heavy use within a healthcare environment and they come with numerous benefits. Overall, hospital grade TVs: Are built to make them safe and easy for patients and clinicians to use Can operate, 24/7,…

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