LG Full HD Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV with Pro:Centric Direct Management

IPS Full HD Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV with Pro:Centric Direct Management   

Available in 15”  

  • Intuitive Multi-Touch Full HD Display  
  • Perfect Viewing with LG IPS and Instant On Function    
  • Preloaded Applications   
  • Pro:Centric Information Management Solution    
  • Pro:Centric Direct Content Management Solution   
  • Pro:Idiom Digital Right Management (DRM) 


Introducing the IPS Full HD Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV with Pro:Centric Direct Management, meticulously crafted to revolutionize the patient experience. Designed to seamlessly integrate into hospital bed arms, this compact hospital TV combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive features. With its compact 15″ size, it’s tailor-made for personal use in hospital rooms or medical facilities, providing patients with a convenient and immersive entertainment solution.  

Immerse yourself in a world of clarity and precision with the intuitive multi-touch Full HD display, offering crisp visuals and responsive touch capabilities for effortless navigation and interaction.  

Experience unparalleled viewing quality with LG IPS technology and the Instant On function, ensuring that every moment is captured with vivid detail and minimal lag time, providing patients with a seamless entertainment experience.  

This personal health-care grade TV comes with a host of preloaded applications, including informative content and entertainment options, this TV offers endless possibilities for patient engagement and enjoyment during their stay.  

The Pro:Centric Information Management Solution empowers healthcare providers to deliver personalized content and services directly to patients, enhancing communication and streamlining information delivery for a more efficient healthcare experience.  

Take control of content management with the Pro:Centric Direct Content Management Solution, allowing administrators to customize and update content remotely, ensuring that patients always have access to the latest information and entertainment options.  

These hospital TVs are also equipped with Pro:Idiom Digital Right Management (DRM), so you can rest assured that content is securely protected, ensuring compliance with content protection standards and safeguarding sensitive information.  

Elevate the patient experience with the IPS Full HD Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV, where innovation meets compassion to deliver exceptional care.  


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