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healthcare technology post pandemic

Rise of Technology in Patient Care Post Pandemic

09 Dec 2022

Healthcare has been on the verge of transformation for years—and then, through necessity, the pandemic broke through barriers and resistance to change at a pace nobody could have imagined. This, says Linda Robinson, the vice president of clinical excellence at Journey PX, happened because healthcare professionals needed to make fast,…

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female nurse checking blood pressure

Making It a Better Day for Nurses

23 Nov 2022

Nurses have always needed to possess a strong sense of resilience: to persevere even when times are tough. As Linda F. Robinson, MSN, BSN, RN—and the vice president of clinical excellence for MDM Healthcare— puts it, hospital nurses will go down with the ship to help patients in the most…

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nurse standing in hospital room

How Patient Engagement Drives Quality and Safety

12 Nov 2022

VP of Clinical Excellence at MDM Healthcare, Linda Robinson, tells patients that healthcare isn’t something that happens to them. It’s something that’s happening with them—and this patient engagement drives hospital quality and safety initiatives. In the past, engagement with medical professionals wasn’t emphasized. A doctor would simply tell a patient…

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happy doctors

Six Reasons Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Focus On Patient Experience

24 Sep 2022

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality makes an important distinction: that patient experience is not the same as patient satisfaction (although the concepts are related). Patient satisfaction focuses on a person’s expectations and to what degree they were met. So, two different people could receive the same care but,…

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bridge communication gap with patient education software

How Patient Education Software Bridges the Gap of Communication Barriers

09 Jun 2022

Communication is key—in personal relationships and business interactions, and between healthcare providers and patients. Effective communication allows people to build a sense of mutual trust and an understanding of the best directions to take. Clear communication allows people to engage with one another in productive ways and paves the way…

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Top Four Features of Our Patient Education Software: Journey PX

22 Mar 2022

At MDM, we often share the benefits of our patient engagement software, but we don’t talk as much about the features that make this such a seamless healthcare solution—and so, in this post, we’d like to provide a quick overview of seven key benefits before delving into four crucial features…

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Improve Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care With First-Rate Patient Education

22 Mar 2022

At its most basic, when patients want to participate in their own healthcare outcomes, they’ll need to know what helpful actions they should take—which can range from physical therapy to taking prescribed medications—as well as which ones not to take, which could, as an example, involve avoiding certain foods.  Besides…

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How Patient Engagement Improves Overall Patient Experience and Satisfaction

22 Mar 2022

In a patient engagement healthcare model, people receiving medical care—the patients—are informed about their diagnoses. They’re also given quality information about potential treatments from medications to physical therapy to surgeries. By not only providing patients with information about their condition or diagnosis and explaining their options, but also create an…

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Why Patient Education is a Must-Have in Healthcare Facilities

22 Mar 2022

Patient education involves the enhancement of knowledge in ways that can help people to manage or improve their health. To effectively educate patients, it’s important to gain clarity on what kind of personalized information each person needs and to identify what barriers might exist in accomplishing educational goals. How information…

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