Top Four Features of Our Patient Education Software: Journey PX

At MDM, we often share the benefits of our patient engagement software, but we don’t talk as much about the features that make this such a seamless healthcare solution—and so, in this post, we’d like to provide a quick overview of seven key benefits before delving into four crucial features of this patient education technology.

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Seven Benefits of Journey PX

  1. Communication: Communications are quick and easy between your patients and staff with the right educational materials delivered at the right time to engage patients and families in their care.
  2. Broad Educational Scope: Information is available about a wide range of diseases and conditions, as well as insights into wellness and safety.
  3. Existing Infrastructure: Because this software uses your current infrastructure, installation is both easy and affordable.
  4. Improved Interoperability: Data is collected from your EMR/EHR, ADT, HR records and so forth and then provides needed data back.
  5. Lean Workflows: Streamlined clinical workflows support your delivery of care while automating patient education.
  6. Patient Satisfaction/Comprehensive Surveys: These help healthcare organizations to ensure that patients understand the material they’re being provided and measure patient satisfaction to further enhance healthcare services and boost patient loyalty
  7. Pre- and Post-op Information: Education spans the care spectrum in homes, clinics, and hospitals.

Four Features of Journey PX

Here are the four key features of the Journey PX patient engagement technology, followed by a deeper dive into specifics about each:

  • Journey PX Prep
  • Journey PX My Stay
  • Journey PX Connect
  • Journey PX Aftercare

Journey PX Prep

This part of the AI-assisted patient education software focuses on providing patients with vital medical education and information that will guide them throughout their journey. Prep directs patients to the medical professionals they need to see when they need to see them, thanks to its modern scheduling platform and direct reminder system. Patients can self schedule, watch educational videos, and use appropriate resources for their specific situations. 

Journey PX Navigate

The technology of Journey PX Navigate allows facilities like yours to provide informative content on digital displays to help patients and families find their way through your buildings. Content is presented in engaging ways to create satisfying first impressions, establish your brand in memorable ways, and improve your facility’s atmosphere with eye-catching displays. 

Journey PX makes it easy to display crucial information in a customizable interface. The result: patients and families can navigate your facility with more confidence while learning more about your healthcare organization. 

Journey PX My Stay

This part of the Journey PX patient engagement software elevates and enhances the patient experience by empowering your staff to effectively manage inpatient care. Features of My Stay include:

  • Digital Whiteboards: Take whiteboards to the next level, keep patients and medical teams informed through this fully customizable digital board that is seamlessly integrated into EMR/EHR systems. 
  • Entertainment: Journey PX embeds relaxation tools into this patient engagement software, which has been proven to be beneficial to patients by helping them through pain management, as well as overall stress and anxiety that comes with hospital stays. Movies on demand and radio are also included to help boost patient satisfaction during their stay. 
  • Informational Content: Quality inpatient educational videos increase a patient’s health literacy and improves their ability to understand diagnoses and treatments and otherwise contribute to their own healthcare journey. This process can help to prevent readmission. 
  • Key Communication: Communication takes place in real time and can be used in a broad spectrum of ways, including the ordering of meals and other routine tasks that free up your team’s time for more crucial healthcare roles.

This cutting edge patient education technology is cloud based to elevate care across the continuum. Because it’s scalable, it works for facilities across the spectrum of sizes in cost effective ways.

Journey PX Aftercare

Healthcare facilities can measure patient satisfaction; identify at-risk patients; and provide interventions at scale. This patient engagement technology allows your organization to leverage powerful, actionable insights from extensive data that is collected and analyzed. You can use these insights to evaluate staff performances more fully, recover more dissatisfied patients, and much more. 

Through these digital surveys and enhanced gleaning of insights, you can stop cold calling your patients to gather responses and use this time to help patients in need. You can also meet metrics like this: 48-hour follow up rates; HRA rates; and decreased readmission numbers. 

Aftercare allows you to continue sending timely and relevant post-care educational videos, which can play a role in your reduced readmission rates. 

Patient Education Library

Our cloud-based media system contains a comprehensive library of educational material to not only empower your team, but to also improve health literacy to patients. Provide health information that’s up to date and targeted to each individual patient at their appropriate health literacy levels. 

The library contains thousands of videos of easily understood content that’s available in multiple languages. A partial list of content is as follows:

  • Patient Safety
  • The Joint Commission Speak up Series
  • Advance Directives
  • ICD10 Codes and DRGs
  • Pain Management
  • Medication Education
  • Pediatrics
  • Mother-Baby, New Family
  • Pre- and Post-Operative Care
  • Information on Most Diagnoses, Conditions, and Treatments

You can upload additional information in video or text formats through an intuitive tool to further enhance patient education—along with comprehension and patient satisfaction questions. 

This customizable system helps you to break down potential barriers to patient education and engagement, which includes their comprehension levels, cultural barriers, language challenges, and more.

Customize Your Patient Education Software

Customize the look and feel of patient interfaces to dovetail with your organization’s unique needs. This technology allows you to educate patients to improve outcomes throughout the care continuum in ways that work for you. 

The expert healthcare team at MDM consists of patient educators and designers that will provide personalized assistance in crafting the right patient education system for your facilities, including hospitals, clinics, senior living centers and other healthcare organizations. This includes brand-forward interfaces that fit within your budget. 

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