Hotel TV Remote Controls

Television Remote Controls for Lodging Facilities

When you picture lodging guests arriving in their rooms, finally able to kick back and relax, what image comes to mind? Probably that of grabbing the remote and finding the television show of choice! So, having the right hotel TV remote control—clean, reliable and easy to use—is one of those details that can position your facility above the rest.

Hotel Remote FAQs

What type of hotel TV remote control devices do you offer?

We offer Clean Remote, a brand clinically proven to be 99% cleaner than all other remotes! This is crucial to provide your guests with sanitary experiences when enjoying television programming in their hotel, motel, or resort rooms. Here are models to consider:

  • Original CR1 Clean Remote: This is the perfect choice for a television or TV and separate cable box, working on more than 250 brands of commercial and retail televisions. No codes are needed with this simple one-touch setup, and guests are not able to change settings.
  • CR3BCB Clean Remote: This brand comes with a designer black case with larger buttons for ease of use, and has demonstrated enhanced durability. It also has the in-demand features of the original model.
  • CR3BCB-H Clean Remote: This hotel remote model has multi-bed functionality, along with features that make the core model so in demand.
What are the benefits of the Clean Remote brand?

This is the number one selling hotel TV remote control brand, containing the features that hospitality guests want and enjoy. These are quality remotes, provided at competitive prices. After years of research, Clean Remote has been shown to be 99% cleaner than standard remotes, simple to use and cost-effective.

Why should we get our hotel TV remote controls from MDM Commercial?

First, experience counts! We’ve been providing hospitality equipment and accessories since 1990, offering premier products and services at competitive pricing. When it comes to hotel remotes, we offer the Clean Remote brand, clinically proven to be 99% cleaner than other choices —which helps your hotel, motel, or resort to provide hygienic television viewing in guest rooms.

Next, our service is top-notch and, because our pricing is so competitive, your lodging facility can move forward with confidence. Your investment will pay off more quickly, with technical support services available all the way.

At MDM Commercial, we can plan, implement, and manage the hotel equipment and accessories we provide to you. We’ll partner with you to take your hotel, motel, or resort to the next level.

Besides hotel remotes, what hospitality equipment and accessories do you offer?
How can we order hospitality equipment from MDM Lodging?

Contact us online, email us at, or call us at (800) 359-6741. We look forward to serving your lodging facility!