Damaged TV Resolution Claim

Thank you for notifying us of the damaged TV in your recent shipment. We value your business and want to make every effort to ensure this is resolved as soon as possible.

To get the replacement review process started, please provide requested information in the form below at your convenience:

We are committed to accommodating your request, however, there are instances where we may not be able to provide replacement units, as outlined below:

  • Damage to the box matching the damaged unit was not reported at delivery.
  • The damaged units do not have a matching box.
  • The unit has been altered or damage was not reported within four months of receiving the unit.
  • The unit has been installed.
  • The unit was received at a facility and moved to another location prior to reporting damage.

If need further assistance with your request or have any questions, please contact Customer Service and the first available representative will assist with your claim.

Thank you again for your business, and we look forward to assisting you.

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