Vertical PTAC Air Conditioner Units

With the exceptionally reliable GE Vertical Zoneline® air conditioning units, your guests can enjoy their stay at your facilities in cool comfort while the managers of your hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging locations can appreciate and benefit from the cost savings. Thanks to the cutting-edge reliability and convenience of vertical PTAC units, guests and management alike can be pleased, 24/7.

For assistance in making selections for your vertical PTAC units, please contact us online or call us at 800-359-6741. Our experienced hospitality professionals can make personalized recommendations to fit your needs and address your AC challenges.

Benefits of Vertical PTAC Air Conditioning Units for Your Lodging Facility

A packaged terminal air conditioner—or a PTAC—is a specific type of HVAC system. It’s self-contained, making it popular for hotels, motels, and other lodging facilities. Vertical units can be installed in closets and other places where they’re hidden from view, controlling the temperature in one or more rooms in the hospitality facility.

Guests can adjust their room’s temperature for their comfort while your hospitality team can manage temps in unoccupied rooms to limit costly fluctuations as the seasons change. You can have vertical PTAC units installed in new construction projects; when it’s time to renovate; and when a single unit or two need to be replaced. That’s true because of the universal components used in GE Zoneline® units.

These are powerful AC units that operate quietly, ideal for guests who want to relax in peace, with GE Zoneline® options available in a variety of BTUs:

When making your selections, it’s important to have enough BTUs to cool down your facilities to the desired temperatures without having too much power. When your units come equipped with more BTUs than you need, rooms may cool down too quickly. Although speedy cooling may sound like a good thing, if the process happens too rapidly, then the units will cycle off and on more often than what’s desirable—which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear. Talk to one of our experts to choose the vertical units that will be optimal for your hospitality brand’s facilities.

Fortunately, when you choose GE Zoneline®, you can count on air conditioning units that are specifically designed for maximum savings. They have a super seal system that reduces air filtration cycles, along with electronic temperature limiting and digital controls. So, when you combine the technology of GE with the expert recommendations by MDM Commercial experts, you’ve got an energy efficient win/win solution.

Contact MDM for Vertical PTAC Hotel Air Conditioner Units

We’ll discuss your unique needs and then recommend the PTAC units that will benefit you the most. You can proceed with confidence, knowing that GE Zoneline® units are the most efficient models on the market today—and, because MDM Commercial has deep industry experience and connections, this allows us to give you the best customized solutions possible. We’ll leverage our big buying power to get you competitive pricing, no matter how many (or few) lodging facilities you have, and no matter their size.

For rapid, personalized assistance, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741. Your dedicated account manager will guide you throughout the entire process, including AC installation and beyond.

Vertical PTAC Units FAQs

How do PTAC air conditioners work?

These units are often used for heating and cooling alike—and, because they don’t use ductwork, they’re less costly for your facilities and easier to install. As far as how they function, when focusing just on AC functions, refrigerant is used, electrically sent through the unit, and with heat and humidity vented out. These units have condenser fans that route water from the air to the condenser coil. There, the water evaporates.

What is the best PTAC unit to buy?

We stand 100% behind GE Zoneline®, with General Electric being a top-shelf, trustworthy, time-tested brand. Beyond that, the answer will vary, based upon how many BTUs you need, installation considerations, and more. So, we invite you to contact us online or call 800-359-6741 for a no-pressure conversation. Our personalized recommendations will be the most efficient, cost effective units at the best possible prices for your unique hospitality facility requirements.