Hospital TVs

Hospital Grade TV Systems, Including LED & LCD TV Displays, Available for Healthcare Facilities

As one of the nation’s largest hospital grade TV dealers, MDM Healthcare provides the best customer service and most experienced project management in the industry. We understand that your needs are unique to your facility’s existing infrastructure, which is why we offer hospital-specific products to meet your individual objectives.

Our product catalog for patient room UL-listed products includes:

LG Hospital TV Sets

LG is an industry leader in developing hospital televisions that improve the patient room environment. In fact, LG’s 22-inch, 28-inch, 32-inch, and 42-inch hospital TV options are designed to save you time and money. Television set features include a built-in pillow speaker port, an internal speaker disable switch, card slots, 178-degree viewing angle, and a two-year warranty.

PDi TV Sets

PDi’s patient room UL-listed LED hospital TV products are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of healthcare installations. More than just a TV set, PDi LED hospital TVs offer flexibility and scalability to integrate with your facility’s technology. Features include universal pillow speaker recognition, multi-feature disable, programmable source selection, and a three-year standard warranty or five-year extended warranty option.

Patient Room Pillow Speakers

Pillow speakers are an important component of your in-room hospital grade TV system. We can help you select the nurse-call products that suit your hospital wiring and allow patients convenient access to your facility’s cable or satellite TV services. All models are designed for use in oxygen-enriched environments and to reduce the risk of passing infections from patient to patient.

TV Mounts and Accessories

Our swing-arm TV mounts and supports are hospital grade and approved for in-room use in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted living housing. We offer support arms, mounts, reinforcing plates, rotational stops, remote controls, and other accessories.

Hospital Grade TV FAQs

What is a hospital grade TV?

Hospital or healthcare grade televisions are designed specifically for a hospital environment. The features and functions of a hospital grade TV are designed to be safe and easy to use for both patients and clinicians.

What’s the difference between consumer grade and hospital grade TVs?

At a glance, hospital grade TVs and consumer grade TVs seem much the same, but they have important differences and benefits. Hospital grade sets are commercial TVs that can withstand 24/7 use and have advanced heat dissipation that allows this constant use, while consumer grade TVs are designed to be used for just eight to 12 hours a day. Healthcare grade televisions are designed and built for patient care environments such as hospitals, retirement communities, and long-term care facilities, with features that help increase patient safety, operational ease and efficiency, and the patient experience. At MDM Healthcare, our televisions meet stringent UL safety standards for use in patient rooms. These standards include reducing the risks of electrical shock, fire and hazardous radiation, and improving sanitation. Our products, such as LG hospital TV sets, also offer patient-centric features such as wide viewing angles and built-in pillow speakers that can integrate with nurse-call systems, and convenient access to a facility’s satellite or cable TV services.

What types of healthcare televisions do you provide?

MDM Healthcare offers a full range of hospital and healthcare TVs that are specifically designed for all types and sizes of hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare environments. Our products include UL-listed, healthcare-grade LCD TVs, including compact, personal, swing-arm TVs and accessories. To support the needs of our clients, our hospital patient TV systems are scalable and affordable, and can be easily integrated with existing systems. Our healthcare-grade televisions include:

  • LG 4K UHD Hospital Grade Smart TVs
  • LG 15” Personal Healthcare SmartTouch Screen TVs
  • LG Smart HD Hospital Grade TVs
  • LG Standard Hospital Grade TV
  • PDi medTAB 14” Bedside HDTV-TABLET with Journey Enhanced Patient Experience
  • PDi medTAB 19” Bedside HDTV with Journey Enhanced Patient Experience
  • PDi medTV16 16” Arm-mounted Patient HDTV
  • PDi medTV19 19” Arm-mounted Patient HDTV
  • PDi A-Series Enhanced Entertainment Healthcare-grade Flatscreen HDTV

For assistance with selecting the healthcare televisions that are right for your facility or to place your order, please call 800-359-6741.

What does “UL Hospital Grade Listed” mean?

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) test hospital grade TVs to ensure they meet a number of construction and safety requirements. These TVs must satisfy regulations put forth by the National Electrical Code, The Joint Commission, the National Fire Protection Agency and other regulatory agencies. A television that meets the UL 60065 Annex Q standard has better sanitation and reduced risks of shock, radiation, and fire.

What features do MDM Healthcare’s hospital grade TVs offer?

The hospital grade TVs we offer have a full range of features that deliver cost-savings, convenience, superior operational efficiency, and more. Our product catalog for patient room UL-listed products includes:

  • LG hospital TVs with an internal speaker disable switch, card slots, built-in pillow speaker port, 178-degree viewing angle, and a two-year warranty.
  • PDi TV sets with universal pillow speaker recognition, multi-feature disable, a programmable source selection, and a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Our catalog also includes hospital grade TV mounts approved for in-room use in nursing homes, healthcare facilities, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities, plus remote controls and other accessories.

In addition, our lines of healthcare grade televisions include cost-saving features, such as:

  • Intelligent sensors that reduce brightness and energy output in response to ambient light.
  • Dynamic power savings that respond to brightness levels on incoming video without compromising picture quality.
  • Static power savings that allow the installer to set a preferred level of power consumption.
  • USD or SD card closing to allow the installer to transfer settings from one set to any number of additional sets.

Please download any of our free catalogs to learn more about all of your product options and how the MDM Healthcare team can support your goals:

What type of customer support do you provide?

Every MDM Commercial client enjoys dedicated service and expert support every step of the way. From your first contact with us, you will have an account manager to serve as your personal consultant throughout and after the sale. Because our clients’ businesses operate at all hours, you will have your account manager’s personal cell phone number in case you have questions or needs after hours. If you’d like to learn more about all of our solutions for your facility, please call 800-359-6741 or email

Why should I buy hospital grade TVs from MDM Healthcare?

Since 1990, MDM Healthcare as grown to become a leader in healthcare-grade technology and equipment and the largest reseller of LG healthcare grade televisions in the nation. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • We offer the convenience of having one source for all of your healthcare grade TV needs, whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade to your existing TV system.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager on call 24 hours a day, ongoing technical support, and assistance with any service or warranty issues.
  • We offer end-to-end services: consulting, installation, implementation, service and maintenance, and training.
  • We carry the highest-quality products at the most competitive rates.
Does MDM Commercial offer financing?

Yes. We’re ready to work with you to develop a financing plan that meets your needs. Our payment options include:

  • Net 30 days for established accounts
  • One- through five-year financing
  • Prepayment by check
  • Optional end-of-lease purchase

Please contact us by calling 800-359-6741 or emailing for more information on financing.

Didn’t see what you were looking for? We’re constantly adding new healthcare-grade products, so call us at 800-359-6741 for information on our latest product offerings. We will work directly with you to find the right hospital grade TV equipment for your facility, meet your project timelines, and ensure you stay within your budget.