Healthcare Digital Signage

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Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Broadcast important information to patients, visitors, and staff at your hospitals and other healthcare facilities, senior living centers, and more in a cost effective, straightforward way. Through the use of state-of-the-art signage that engages and informs, you can seamlessly communicate what’s going on in your facilities, which in turn frees up your staff from repeatedly answering the same questions. Freed up time then allows your staff to dedicate even more energy towards quality patient care.

Digital signage solutions for healthcare facilities allow you to improve the patient experience while building loyalty to your brand in an ultra-competitive industry. Our commercial grade signage uses today’s best touch screen technologies and provides facilities like yours with a whole host of benefits. These benefits range from wayfinding for hospital visitors to educational broadcasts of services and much more.

To find out which healthcare digital signage options would best fit your facility needs, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Hospital Digital Signage Benefits

Digital signage solutions allow patients, visitors, vendors, and more to find the up-to-date, accurate information they need, quickly and easily, around the clock. This technology creates an interactive experience that helps people to engage and connect with your facilities and brand, improving patient satisfaction.

Experts believe that self-serve information will be increasingly in demand, the way of the future, as people experience and appreciate how bulletin broadcasts, news updates, health-related information, and more are readily available at their fingertips.

Healthcare displays offer virtually endless opportunities for facilities to market themselves, whether that means promoting specials in your cafeterias or in-house shops; providing entertainment in waiting rooms and lobbies; sharing videos about available services; helping people find their way through the facility via digital wayfinding; and more. This technology can also be used to train new staff members, efficiently and consistently.

Regularly broadcasted information is generally seen by a large number of people, making it an efficient way to spread your messaging. Additionally, it allows patients and guests to visually take in facts to complement what they’re hearing—and this is a key benefit because a majority of people are visual learners. Plus, regularly repeated broadcasts give people the opportunity to confirm or correct their understanding of the information.

Healthcare Digital Signage Features

MDM Commercial offers a wide range of options, from all-in-one kiosks from portrait orientation to landscape to multi-sided models and more, including floor-based and wall kiosk enclosures. Our experienced team is ready and willing to help you select just the right models with exactly the features and benefits you need for your healthcare facilities.

Additional Available Services

When you choose MDM Commercial as your one-stop-shop for your healthcare digital signage, you can count on:

  • The latest in LED and LCD quality hardware
  • World class operating software
  • Expert planning services
  • Outstanding setup and installation services
  • Premier customer service

Our talented digital content creation and graphics team can bring your messaging and vision to life through the customization of interfaces that bring your brand and its look and feel to the forefront. Your signage can display images, videos, brand logos, and much more, enhanced with added features to engage and inform patients and guests, increasing satisfaction levels.

In short, we’re here with you from start to finish, from the initial consultation to the implementation of your signage system, helping to ensure that your healthcare facilities are dynamically communicating your unique vision to patients, visitors, vendors, and others in your facilities. We take your content and graphics to the next level without added work for your marketing team.

MDM Commercial for Your Hospital Digital Signage

We invite you to leverage and benefit from MDM Commercial’s decades of experience in providing B2B technology solutions to your healthcare facility in ways that can give you an unsurpassed advantage in your industry. As your all-in-one product and service solutions provider, we’ll listen and learn about your needs and then offer targeted recommendations that are uniquely calibrated to your needs and budget.

When you need digital signage solutions for healthcare facilities to maximize communication technology in your locations, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Hospital Digital Signage FAQs

What type of digital healthcare signage options do you offer?

Technologies behind kiosks are continually improving. So, because we keep such a close eye on industry developments, our product offerings can change as new and improved ones come to the market. Today’s choices include options like these:

  • 55XE3C-B 55″ LG Outdoor TV: Features of this model include enhanced thermal management to allow it to safely and effectively operate, even in high temperatures. This model also comes with dust and humidity protection.
  • 75XE3C-B 75″ LG Outdoor TV: This model comes complete with smart brightness control and advanced localized dimming, as well as anti-reflection technology with no blackening effect, a quarter wave plate (QWP), and a wide viewing angle.
  • LG 49″ Outdoor Commercial Signage: If you’re looking for a model with high brightness that’s visible with polarized sunglasses, then consider this model. It comes with smart brightness control with no blackening; conformal coating; and secured IP56 protection.
What are the best ways to use digital signage?

Each healthcare brand will likely use their medical kiosks and associated messaging in unique ways to share information about programs and opportunities available in their facilities. Wayfinding information is just about universally appreciated, and you can also share details about chapels and available chaplains; broadcast health-related information; highlight gift shop and cafeteria specials; and otherwise leverage these technologies to meet the needs of patients and visitors. No matter what kind of information you provide through healthcare kiosks, they will play a crucial role, serving as a go-to source of reliable information around the clock and reducing the stress of people in need of this info.

How can our facilities get started with our healthcare digital signage?

For a free consultation, just contact us online or call 800-359-6741. Our one-stop-shop will make it easy for your facilities to find the products and services you need, empowering your brand to share dynamic messaging that engages patients, visitors, vendors, and more. Our state-of-the-art digital displays provide consistent messaging throughout your facilities, no matter how large or small they are, or how many locations you have. We’re here to help!