Digital Signage

Hospital Digital Signage Solutions & Wayfinding Signs For Healthcare Facilities

Digital signage displays can be used to both broadcast important information and display high-definition television content to patients, staff, and visitors at medical facilities. At MDM Healthcare, we offer several cost-effective, simple-to-use HD television and healthcare digital display solutions for hospitals, senior living centers, and other healthcare facilities across the nation. With our state-of-the-art displays, you’ll easily be able to communicate what is going on at your facility.

Marketing opportunities are virtually endless with the various digital signage displays available through MDM Healthcare. Our healthcare displays can be used to:

  • Promote specials in the facility shops or cafeteria
  • Broadcast educational videos about your services
  • Provide entertainment in waiting areas
  • Help patients navigate your facility with digital wayfinding
  • Easily circulate bulletins and other messages
  • Train new staff members

Keeping patients and their family members informed can help improve facility satisfaction scores and make their stay that much more enjoyable. Additionally, digital signage displays can help improve communication among your staff for better efficiency within your healthcare facility.

At MDM Healthcare, we offer options to suit the various needs of healthcare facilities, including standard signage displays of 22 to 65 inches, LG SuperSign™ displays with built-in TV tuners and programs, and video wall displays. We are also proud to offer the most cutting-edge technology in our product offerings, with options that include OLED displays, overlay touch and multi-touch technology, and ultra HD screens. Plus, we offer a user-friendly, web-based platform for managing the content on your digital displays. Your MDM Healthcare representative will be happy to help you design a digital signage system to guide patients, visitors, and caregivers to any location within your facility.

From your initial inquiry to your system installation, our focus is to design and support a system that will best meet your needs. Please contact us for a free consultation on any of the healthcare digital signage solutions we carry at MDM Healthcare.

Healthcare Digital Signage FAQs

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a type of display that can deliver all kinds of content, including advertising and marketing messages, educational information and much more. You’ve probably encountered it everywhere, from retail stores, airports, and restaurants to hotels and hospitals. Digital signage uses hardware technology, such as LED and LCD, and software that enables a facility to create, manage and distribute the content.

What are MDM Healthcare’s digital signage solutions for healthcare?

We have a number of easy-to-use and cost-effective digital signage solutions for all types of healthcare facilities. Our display selection includes standard options from 22 to 65 inches, video wall displays, LG SuperSign™ displays, and more. Our digital signage system includes a user-friendly, web-based content management platform that makes it easy to manage the content on your displays from anywhere, at any time with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

MDM Healthcare’s digital signage solution includes expert ongoing technical support and account management from our professional staff. To learn more about our digital signage and how we provide integrated services, please call MDM Healthcare at 800-359-6741.

How can my facility use digital signage?

Digital signage is a cost-effective way to keep staff, patients and visitors informed, and provide a better experience for everyone in your hospital or healthcare facility. It can also help improve operational efficiency by reducing the number of resources needed at information desks and reducing distractions for your staff.

These are just some of the ways your hospital or medical facility can use and benefit from MDM Healthcare’s digital signage system:

  • Make your visitors’ wait time more enjoyable with entertaining and informative content in waiting areas
  • Give patients and visitors an easy way to navigate your facility with directories and directional information
  • Provide information about your services
  • Instantly share important news or bulletins
  • Market your cafeteria or gift shop services and special offers
  • Improve communication among your staff
What is digital wayfinding?

Signage that helps visitors, patients, and staff find their way through your facility has always been an important part of hospital operations, but today’s digital wayfinding solutions make it easier, more effective, and more efficient. You can use digital wayfinding to guide people with directories and maps, personalize visitor welcome messages, train staff, educate patients, and more.

Beyond just helping people find their way, digital wayfinding offers these additional benefits to your facility:

  • When visitors get the directions they need on their own, your staff is less likely to be needed to provide directions.
  • Digital wayfinding displays give you an opportunity to emphasize your brand with logos, graphics and more.
  • Wayfinding displays can be used like other types of digital signage to share important bullets or emergency messages.

MDM Healthcare’s digital wayfinding signage system includes everything you need to quickly set up and use it. Wayfinding options include a commercial-grade HD kiosk, a media player that supplies video and graphics to the display screen, and complete installation and setup services. You’ll also enjoy ongoing technical support to make sure you gain all of the benefits of our digital wayfinding solution.

What types of hospital digital signage displays does MDM Healthcare offer?

With a complete range of state-of-the-art displays, your hospital, senior living center, or other type of medical facility is sure to find the right solution with MDM Healthcare. Our cost-effective display choices include these premium LG products:

  • Full HD monitors
  • Interactive displays, including touch and transparent TVs
  • OLED displays
  • Outdoor displays
  • SuperSign™ TVs
  • Ultra HD Monitors
  • Ultra Stretch TVs
  • Medical signage kiosks, including LG Outdoor TVs and LG Outdoor Commercial Signage
  • Video walls

We also offer a full range of graphics and content creation, plus comprehensive installation services. These services include end-to-end project management, site survey, display and mount installations, network and video cabling installation, the installation and testing of all hardware and software, and training for your staff.

What digital signage software solutions do you have?

Digital signage software from MDM Healthcare helps hospitals, senior living facilities, and other types of healthcare facilities easily create and manage their digital signage content. In addition to a content management system that can be managed from any mobile device or desktop/laptop computer, our digital signage software solutions can be used for all types of digital signage applications, including:

  • Providing interactive patient education content through your facility’s in-room TV system.
  • Delivering important messages quickly and easily.
  • Generating new revenue with targeted marketing and advertising.
  • Helping visitors navigate your facility more easily.

You can learn more about our digital signage software solutions by calling MDM Healthcare at 866-482-8851.

What is digital signage content?

Content is simply what you choose to display on or via your digital signage system, such as text, animations, video, images, logos, and audio. In healthcare settings, digital content is often used for conveying messages, displaying marketing services, helping people find their way through a facility, entertaining visitors, educating patients, and more.

At MDM Healthcare, we have everything you need for digital signage, including content. Contact us to learn more about our full range of content services.