Medical Kiosks For Healthcare Facilities

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Kiosks Are Efficient, Effective—and Powerful

Enhance the patient and visitor experience at hospitals, senior living centers, and other healthcare facilities while also strengthening your brand through the use of medical kiosks. Benefits of this touch screen technology range from consistently welcoming patients, their caregivers, guests and more; providing wayfinding maps to guide people throughout the facilities in a straightforward, no-hassle way; and offering useful information on topics that visitors often ask your staff about—thereby freeing up your team to focus on further enhancing a patient’s medical care and overall experience.

This kind of signage is economical, eco-friendly, flexible, user friendly, and attractive. To discuss which healthcare kiosk options would meet the needs of your facilities, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Benefits of Healthcare Kiosks

Patients in healthcare facilities and their loved ones have a need for accurate and up to date information, and kiosks provide easy access to what they want and need. As they immerse themselves in an interactive experience, this will allow them to connect more intricately with your brand and provide them with ongoing opportunities to engage with you. This, in turn, will help to boost patient satisfaction scores.

Patients, visitors, vendors, staff and more can benefit from convenient access to bulletin broadcasts, news updates, cafeteria and in-house shop specials, and more—appreciating its 24/7/365 availability. This is true today and experts believe that this self-service approach to seamlessly finding answers to questions will become even more in demand.
Additional benefits of hospital kiosks include the following:

  • Most people are visual learners. So, the ability to see broadcasted information can complement what they’re hearing from hospital staff, reinforcing the messaging.
  • Whether a patient or visitor is a visual learner or not, hospital kiosks that regularly repeat key information give everyone a way to check back to confirm the details or to fill in the gaps.

Features of Hospital Kiosks

Kiosk options are available today in a range of sizes to meet the specific requirements of your facilities. Features include smart brightness controls, advanced localized dimming, and wide angle views, to name just a few. Our kiosks can operate under high temperatures and come with both dust protection and humidity protection, among other features.

Our experienced team will be happy to help your facility make the optimal selections of our LED and LCD hardware and world class operating software. Plus, we offer start-to-finish services, from expert planning and consulting to second to none setup and installation services, each provided with premier customer service.

Content Creation and Graphics Services

The experienced digital content creation and graphics team at MDM Commercial will personalize your messaging for maximum branded impact. Our team will customize interfaces with images, videos, brand logos, and much more so that they truly represent the look and feel of your healthcare brand, deftly enhancing content to engage, inform, and satisfy patients and their loved ones to improve the overall patient experience.

MDM Commercial will ensure that your unique vision is seamlessly communicated, working beside you without adding more work to your marketing team or other staff. From the consultation/listening stage to the design and implementation of the content and graphics, we’ll take your digital content to the next level.

MDM Commercial for Your Medical Kiosks

Thanks to the quality of the products we sell and the B2B technology solutions we provide—plus the decades’ worth of second to none expertise of MDM Commercial—your hospitals, senior living centers, and other healthcare facilities can enjoy an unsurpassed advantage in the industry. As your all in one solutions provider, we offer comprehensive recommendations that take your unique needs, timelines, and budget into account so that they’re ideally calibrated for you.

We have hundreds of other mounts and kiosks available from a variety of vendors. Call us today at (800) 359-6741, chat, or click here to find out more from one of our knowledgeable team members.

Healthcare Kiosk FAQs

What options for medical kiosks does MDM Healthcare offer?

Technologies continually evolve and improve and, at MDM Commercial, we closely watch developments so we can continue to offer you the best solutions. Because of this, our offerings do change. Currently, options include:

If you're unsure which option is best for your facility, contact us today and we'll be happy to help you determine what’s right for your facility goals.

How can I get started with adding or upgrading healthcare kiosks in my facility?

For a free consultation, just contact us online or call 800-359-6741. Our experienced team will recommend the technology products and services you need to create engaging, effective, and consistent messaging that will appear on state-of-the-art digital displays. The result? Powerful communication between your facilities’ brand and your targeted audiences.