Patient Satisfaction

Improving Patient Comfort Improves Patient Satisfaction

In the competitive world of patient care, medical facilities have to not only ensure proper treatment but also account for patient satisfaction. How can facilities improve such an ambiguous idea? Sometimes, it can be as simple as improving patient comfort during their stay and streamlining the way they receive information.

New TV Systems Accomplish Both Tasks

Modern, hospital-grade TVs offer patients the comforts of home while simultaneously enabling doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators to guarantee that vital information reaches the patient in a format that they can understand, increasing both quality of care and patient satisfaction.
At MDM Healthcare, we specialize in providing healthcare facilities with TVs and other electronics designed to improve patient comfort and make healthcare professionals’ jobs easier. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Large, HD TVs let patients relax comfortably and come equipped with modern touches like intelligent brightness sensors and remote management capabilities. Since they are hospital-grade, these TVs are designed to be used for thousands of hours and are safe to operate even in oxygen-rich environments
  • Pillow speakers give patients access to speakers, a TV remote, and nurse-calling capabilities in one device. Designed for hospital environments, they are fully-sealed and easy to disinfect between patients

In conjunction with the electronics we sell and install, MDM Healthcare has developed our proprietary MDM Journey software that works through TVs and smart devices. It provides patients with games and entertainment, ongoing medical education, and surveys measuring patient satisfaction and understanding of treatment. Its content is presented at or below a 5th grade reading level, available in multiple languages, and can be accessed remotely by both patients and healthcare professionals — ensuring that vital information isn’t missed, or worse, misunderstood.

Getting Started Is Easy

Boosting patient satisfaction doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The dedicated team of professionals at MDM Healthcare will make sure that installation and implementation of equipment is quick, easy, and that your new system continues to operate flawlessly. Contact us today to get a quote or start an order.

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At MDM Commercial, we strive to be true partners as we provide the equipment and services you need to keep your healthcare or hospitality facility running smoothly. Founded in 1990, we have decades of experience developing solutions that suit your unique needs, no matter how large or small your facility may be. You can count on us for:

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