Journey PX: Patient Experience Across the Continuum of Care

MDM Healthcare’s innovative Journey PX patient experience solution uses cloud technology configurations to deliver cross continuum patient education and engagement tools. Journey PX can be accessed in the hospital room, clinics, and even follows the patient home on their smart device, email, and patient portal.


Our solution offers yours the ability to customize the look and feel of your patient interfaces and adds a variety of features that engage, educate, and improve your patient outcomes throughout the entire continuum of care. MDM has an expert healthcare team made up of patient educators and designers that blend your brand in to the necessary patient engagement features. We create an interface that fits your brand and budget!

What Journey PX Does

  • Engages Patients and Families in their care
  • Provides pre- and post-operative education as well as disease, wellness, and safety education modules
  • Delivers the right education at the right time
  • Accessible for patients and families in hospitals, clinics, and homes
  • Delivers patient satisfaction and comprehension surveys
  • Interfaces with your existing clinical systems, ADT, and EMR