Future of Hospitality: Benefits of IPTV Systems for Hotels

The importance of quality television systems in hotels can’t be emphasized enough. As Hotel Tech Report notes, “Hospitality TVs are more than just channels, they are smart hubs for guest experience, branding and communications [and] . . . Today’s guests are used to having top-notch tech at-home and have begun to expect more from the hotel experience. They expect far greater control over their experience —and the tech-enabled guest room necessitates a single point of control.”

Internet protocol televisions—known as IPTVs—provide that single point of control, coming with plenty of benefits for hotels, motels, resorts, and other hospitality centers. Hotel IPTV systems deliver television programming; allow for streamed content, including live events; facilitate video-on-demand; and otherwise expand the entertainment options you provide to guests. From a technical standpoint, programming is delivered through the internet or your local area network (LAN) rather than through cable television formatting or satellite signals.

Here are some key benefits of IPTV for hotels.

#1: Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

When it’s time for your guests to kick back and relax in their rooms, they’ll want to watch the programming of their choice—whether that’s their favorite TV shows, a live sports game, or a movie they haven’t yet seen. This includes content in the languages that your guests are most comfortable with using and hearing. When you can satisfy guests’ wants, you’ll satisfy them—which is the goal of hospitality brands around the world because it helps to trigger return visits.

#2 Positive Word of Mouth Marketing

When guests are satisfied with their stay, they’ll often share the good news with friends and family and leave good online reviews that effectively extend the reach of their satisfactory experience. Word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t cost your hospitality brand anything, and the rewards can be significant. In a time-tested report by Nielsen, here are the most trusted forms of marketing:

  • Recommendations from people I know: 92 percent
  • Consumer opinions posted online: 70 percent

The ripple effect can be huge, and IPTV systems for hotels can play a significant role in creating that desired sense of guest satisfaction.

According to Hotel Tech Report, 72 percent of guests would return to a location where desired tech is available, and 40 percent say that smart TVs and content streaming are a top consideration.

#3 Quality Viewing Experience

Hotel IPTV solutions are fully high-definition (HD) compatible, ensuring their quality. This adds to the positive guest experience and increases the likelihood that people staying in your facilities will speak favorably about their stay. Plus, programming is easily searchable.

#4 Increased Revenues Through Promotion

You can also use your hotel IPTV solution to promote your brand, including the amenities that you provide in your facility: restaurants, bars, fitness centers, a pool, spa, and so forth. When guests learn or are reminded about these services, many will take advantage of them, including those that come with an additional charge. You can also promote additional locations of your brand’s hotels, encouraging guests to stay in them as well. The user interface can be customized to your branding with images, logos, videos, and so forth.

#5 Cost Effective Content Delivery

When going the more traditional route, cable connections must be installed or multiple satellite dishes added, which—besides being time-consuming—can add to your hotel’s expenses. With hotel IPTV systems, though, you can simply use your already-existing internet, which is a more efficient solution. Plus, it’s often more reliable.

You can receive your return on investment even more quickly if your facilities install an IP distribution infrastructure or CAT6 or COAX.

#6 Hotel System Integration

IPTV for hotels can integrate with systems that your brand already offers to guests—such as concierge services, ordering room service, RSVPing for the in-house restaurant, booking a spa appointment, and so forth. That’s because IPTV systems for hotels allow for two-way communication between staff and guests. With MDM, you only need to reach out to our expert team to verify that the hotel IPTV system of your choice will dovetail with your already-existing technologies.

#7 Streamlined Maintenance

Because the distribution of content occurs through a managed ethernet network, here’s yet another benefit when using IPTV for hotels: ease of maintenance. It’s more straightforward without the need for specialized tools, equipment, and skills. This can save your facilities both time and money.

Selecting the Right System for Your Hotel IPTV Solution

After reviewing the benefits of IPTVs and determining that they’re the right choice for your facilities, the next step is choosing the best system. Issues to consider while making your decision include the following:

  • Scalability of the system: As your locations experience increasing usage, you’ll need a system that allows for that without affecting quality. Making this decision involves a review of the content size and format as well as how, specifically, it’s distributed and managed.
  • Content customization: Typically, all menu components can be personalized, which includes the background, icons, tabs, logos, images, colors, and more, including their placement. Before you make your choice, make sure that the system has all of the customization components you want and need.
  • System compatibility: Although this factor is discussed in benefit number six, it’s repeated here because it’s very important to verify compatibility before selecting your IPTV systems for hotels.

Choose MDM for the Optimal Hotel IPTV Solution

MDM offers high-quality IPTV systems for hotels at competitive prices through our big buying power. This means that you can choose from a wide range of systems to ensure that you get precisely what you need, including the accessories, at the required sizes, types, and price points.

From start to finish, our MDM experts will provide the guidance and service you need, including when selecting the appropriate system, mounting equipment, and hardware configurations. We then provide professional installation services for a smooth transition to the technology that will provide a top-tier viewing experience.

To gain a competitive edge and enjoy the benefits listed in this post, simply contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.