Using Hotel Digital Wayfinding Signage to Enhance Guest Experience

Hotel digital signage allows you to share in-demand information to guests in streamlined ways, providing what they want to know when they need to know it. This can include text, images, video, and more with the signage being a combination of hardware (LED and LCD screens, for example) and software that allows you to program content and distribute it in your facilities.

Wayfinding is a specific kind of signage that falls under the digital umbrella. Under its strictest definition, wayfinding signage accomplishes two things: letting you know where you are, right now (“You Are Here”), and then helping you find the best way to get where you need to go. That said, hospitality facilities can use the hardware and software of digital wayfinding technology to also help guests in related ways, efficiently broadening its impact.

Evolution of Digital Signage

It wasn’t that long ago when businesses needed to pick between putting up paper flyers that tear and quickly become outdated and signs where you manually put each letter on your sign, one at a time, and then hoped that none of them disappeared. In the first half of the 1990s, some bars, casinos, stadiums, and the like would mount TVs on the walls and use them to broadcast information. Compared to today’s technology, these were clunky early versions.

By the second half of the nineties, companies began to sell advertising to pay for the costs of this kind of hardware and content management system. Ideally, the ads would interest visitors without directly competing with the host site. For example, local attractions might advertise on a hotel’s screen or one at the airport.

Around 2000, consumers were becoming increasingly more interested in sustainable solutions instead of, for example, paper flyers that quickly became old news. At the same time, technologies were becoming more advanced (although they were still in their salad days compared to today). Nowadays, technologies such as smart TVs, software that allows for a seamless guest experience, video and more have allowed digital signage to become an integral part of hospitality facilities.

Benefits of Modern Hospitality Digital Signage

The use of digital signage in hotels or resorts is a robust solution that provides information in simple and streamlined ways—which is a powerful combination. Specific benefits include the following:

  1. You can welcome guests in brand-specific ways with fully up-to-date information included in your messaging.
  2. This can include general information as well as date- and time-specific info.
  3. If you use self-check-in kiosks, this will reduce wait time or, at a minimum, the perception of wait time. When guests can take control of the experience, it may feel like a more rapid process.
  4. If you don’t use self-check technology, providing guests with helpful information can get them up to date quickly about amenities and their locations while keeping them entertained while they wait.
  5. Your facility can promote in-house amenities as well as local attractions and transportation options to help vacationers and business travelers alike.
  6. Marketing messages will be seen multiple times, which can boost their effectiveness.
  7. People today like to interact, something they can do with touchscreens.
  8. You can rapidly provide alerts such as when a severe storm is predicted.

And, perhaps best of all, nobody likes to get lost—or to even worry about getting lost—and digital wayfinding makes navigating the facility easy. As a bonus, when guests can self navigate, they’ll ask your staff fewer questions about where their rooms and amenities are located, which frees up your team to provide even more world-class customer service.

Preventing Mazeophobia (Fear of Getting Lost)

Although you won’t yet find this term in medical books, mazeophobia is a real thing. This describes the unsettling emotion we can feel when we aren’t sure where we are—and some written material on the subject notes that this fear is hardwired into the human brain. Getting lost inside a hospitality facility is, fortunately, much less risky than getting lost in an isolated forest—and yet the feeling of fear is real, one you don’t want guests to associate with a stay at your hotel or motel. Thanks to today’s technology, there’s no reason that guests can’t have ready access to clear and easy-to-follow digital wayfinding information.

Best Locations for Hospitality Digital Signage

To guide your guests seamlessly through your facilities, make sure to have digital signage at your entrances and exits, including but not limited to where they should register and where they can go back outdoors to their vehicle. At the check-in counter itself, you may decide to use empowering self-serve kiosks and/or to place hotel digital signage in places where guests can locate their rooms and other key locations.

Other important places include the following:

  • Lobbies: As natural gathering points, they’re also ideal places to provide interactive “you are here” maps and other digital wayfinding information. Think about all the audiences that might gather in your lobbies. Besides hotel guests, these can include vendors, restaurant diners, and other visitors.
  • Elevators: As guests enter and exit an elevator, they will often be looking for orientation guidance. So, place signs strategically by them to direct guests to rooms and hotel amenities.
  • Hallways: Each time two hallways intersect, guests must make a decision. Hotel digital signage makes it easy for them to decide and efficiently gets them where they need to go.
  • By gift shops, restaurants, and workout facilities: Consider the guests who will head to one of these locations before going to their rooms. Use signage to get them there and then to their rooms. That same signage will help reorient guests who have already been to their hotel room, so it’s a win/win.

Here’s more information about the best placement for you hotel digital wayfinding signage.

Use Digital Signage to Help Guests Find Popular Locations

Consider how to use hospitality digital signage for special events, including weddings and receptions, business conferences, and so forth. The beauty of digital signage is how customizable it is, so you can quickly include the names of the newly married and directions to the ceremony room. If the ceremony was going to be held outdoors but inclement weather prevented that, you can quickly and easily update messaging.

Also customize signs outside of restaurants, bars, and gift shops to include hours of operation, gift shop sales, drink of the day, restaurant specials, and more. This will provide valuable information to guests before they even enter their destination. You can also list hours and any rules for gyms, spas, and pools outside of these popular amenities.

Here are plenty more insights about optimally using hospitality digital signage.

Hotel Signage Options at MDM

We offer a full selection of state of the art, cost effective solutions, and here is a sampling:

  • Full HD hotel HD TV monitors: With monitor sizes available from 22” to 43”, we’ll have what you need from top brands. Our large format display leverages a Quad Core System-on-Chip (SoC) module to manage multiple tasks at once. This webOS smart platform comes with an intuitive user experience and simple development tools.
  • Interactive hotel TV monitors: These displays range from 10” to 86” for the ultimate in choice. As an example, the LG TR3D-J Series Multi Touch Interactive Whiteboard can handle up to 20 touch points simultaneously with a lifelike board experience that streamlines collaboration. This comes with AirClass, ScreenShare Pro, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • OLED hotel monitor: This option provides a glass picture effect and dual-sided OLED experience. OLED stands for “organic light emitting diode” and this technology eliminates the necessity of backlights, generating 100% of their own.
  • Outdoor hotel monitor displays: The Peerless-AV UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV, for example, is an all-weather rated television with an operating temperature range of -22°F to 122°F. Plus, it’s maintenance free.
  • High Bright outdoor displays: Nothing withstands the harsh elements of weather like High Bright with its fully-sealed weatherproof design. Its patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ system cools the display passively, eliminating the need for filters and exhaust fans.
  • SuperSign™ hotel TVs: You can choose monitor sizes from 43” to 65” and can broadcast TV programming and ads simultaneously. The LW540S Series Direct LED SuperSign Commercial TV Signage comes with seventy-four pre-installed templates to allow you to create dazzling content. Or you can ask MDM about our graphics and content creation services.
  • Ultra HD hotel TV monitors: Available in sizes up to 98”, this truly provides a big screen experience. The LG UM5J-B Series LED Signage Backlit LCD Large Format Monitor serves as the ultimate screen for public content broadcasting with a brightness of 500 cd/m². Resolution is ULTRA HD (3,840 x 2,160).
  • Ultra Stretch 86” and 88” hotel TVs: These products are works of structural art as they deliver information and entertainment. LG 88″ BH7G Series Ultra Stretch Display is perfect for displaying new advertising and multiplexed information, captivating guest attention.
  • Hotel video walls: Available from 49” to 55”, video walls provide the ultimate in versatility and the immersive experience. LG VM5J-H Series FHD Video Wall features an incredible image improvement algorithm to reduce image gaps among tiled displays. Objects on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Outdoor hotel kiosks: MDM offers a wide range of outdoor kiosks, ones that will meet your needs and satisfy your guests. The Peerless-AV PeerAir™ Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System, for example, is perfect when running cables isn’t an option. With the ability to multicast up to six displays, this kiosk is a true wireless workhorse.

Discover even more about our outstanding hotel digital signage. If you don’t see what you want and need, contact our expert team. We are continually adding new products and have strong industry connections among manufacturers.

Future of Digital Signage

Today’s technologies hint at what may be possible for hotel digital signage in the not so distant future. For instance, hotels, motels, and resorts often have loyal guests who come back frequently. Many times, they receive rewards for their loyalty. In the future, they may be able to check in and receive customized rewards based on facial recognition alone. Besides streamlining the process, this clearly indicates that they are valued guests.

This could extend to your in-house restaurants, spas, gyms and more “recognizing” their favorite meals, activities, and more. Augmented reality can perform a role by playing your guest’s favorite music or putting on their favorite television show when they enter their room. These are just some of the possibilities—and, wherever technology takes us, MDM will already be there, ready to serve you.

Content and Graphic Creation Services

You’re busy running hospitality facilities so, to save you time and energy, we offer a full range of services to bring your digital display vision to life. We’ll work alongside your marketing team to highlight your brand without adding more work for them. Our MDM digital signage content creation team will spotlight your brand and share your services and amenities, indoors and out, to enhance your guest experience.

Plus, we offer LG Pro:Centric services that allow your motels, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality centers to directly send unique content to in-room television sets, allowing you to further extend your brand while providing first class entertainment.

Unrivaled Customer Service: From Start to Finish

From the moment you contact us to discuss your hospitality signage needs through the post-installation stage, you’ll benefit from unrivaled dedication from our account managers. After we learn your unique needs, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive plan to bring your vision to life. As a one-stop shop—a complete line of products and services—we’ll take you from end to end: from hotel digital signage setup to expert installation, system testing, and more. If you need to upgrade, you can do so at any time, hassle-free.

Then, you can count on experienced help from our technical support team as they address any concerns and answer your questions. We make it easy to get started, too—reach out to our experts online or call (800) 359-6741 today.