Help Hotel Guests Find These On-Property Locations With Digital Wayfinding Signs

Even though your facilities have attractive, comfortable rooms and in-demand amenities—ranging from fitness centers to pools and from restaurants to gift shops and more—guest satisfaction will dim if rooms and amenities are hard to find.

Studies have shown how people have limits in how many turns they can recall in a building that’s unfamiliar. Many of us can get overwhelmed fairly quickly when feeling unsure of where to turn—and, when people book a stay at a hotel, motel, or other lodging center, the last thing they want to feel is lost and disoriented.

Fortunately, digital wayfinding signs can solve the problem and enhance the guest experience. Guests will feel more comfortable in your facility as they can navigate it smoothly, confidently and self-sufficiently getting where they need to go with ease.

Travelers today actually expect digital signage in modern hospitality buildings and they rely upon them to navigate their way through facilities. So, wayfinder signs help to ensure that you’re providing the assistance that your tech-savvy guests want and need. Plus, this technology frees your staff to focus on providing premier guest services since they won’t spend as much time answering routine questions that digital signage could address.

Point Your Hotel Digital Wayfinding Signage to These Popular Locations

As you create your digital wayfinding plan, here are some of the most popular on-property locations to keep in mind:

  • Hotel concierge/front desk: Many times, guests needing directions to the concierge or front desk have just arrived and are likely unfamiliar with the property. Start out giving these newly arrived guests the best initial experience possible with easy directions to their first destination.
  • Special events locations: From weddings to business conferences, make it seamless for attendees to navigate to the proper location. This is a great place for your digital wayfinding signage to these locations to be customizable. For example, display the happy couple’s name along with directions to their wedding ceremony location. Or, if the ceremony was planned to be outdoors, but because of inclement weather it had to be moved indoors, digital wayfinding signage is a great way to communicate this to attendees.
  • Restaurants/bars/gift shops: The wayfinding digital signage can be customized here too. Display hours of operation, restaurant specials, happy hour, or perhaps gift shop sales—this way guests will know this information before even arriving at the destination.
  • Gym/spa/pools: Pools and spas are often the main attraction for guests staying at a resort, use wayfinding directional signs to make it easy for them to find these popular amenities.
  • Children’s clubs/playgrounds: Using digital wayfinding signage makes finding these play areas simple. Perhaps visiting families didn’t even know there was an onsite playground. Additionally, make it easy for families to choose when to visit the children’s club by displaying activities and times.
  • Exit locations/elevators/parking garages: Even though guests are probably pretty familiar with the resort property layout by the end of their stay, finish off their stay with easy directions to their vehicles. Perhaps there’s an easier route they weren’t aware of.

Hotel Digital Signage Placement

At a high level, these signs should go everywhere your guest will want to be. More specifically, this includes:

  • Exterior signage that lets guests know that they’re using the best entrance
  • Welcome signage that greets your guests at main entrances and directs them to a check in desk, self kiosk, and the like
  • Useful signs in lobbies and common spaces
  • Signage that helps people to find their rooms; these can go by elevators and stairs and at intersections on each floor
  • Ones directing guests to amenities along with the hours of operation, specials, and anything else they need to know to fully benefit
  • Signage pointing to conference rooms and other rental spaces

Because each facility is unique, precisely where you’ll want to place your digital wayfinding signage will differ.

To find out where to optimally place yours, consider having people who are new to your facility walk through and mark down where they would have appreciated having signage. Some places may already be apparent to your lodging team but, when you become familiar with a building, you may not realize all the spots where wayfinder signs can help.

Types of Hotel Wayfinder Signs

Some signs are directional, pointing guests where they need to go, and this is what many people think of when considering wayfinding signage. They help you to manage traffic flow as you show guests and visitors the best ways to get to a particular place in your facility.

Other digital signage identifies where a person is—the “You Are Here” maps. They help to orient people within a building, which is a psychologically rewarding feeling for guests to have. This makes them feel more comfortable, which can cause them to think positive thoughts about your facility and brand.

Hotel digital signage can also be informational. In other words, a sign can go beyond helping guests to find a restaurant. It can also include open hours, menus, daily specials, and more. So, besides helping a guest arrive at a destination, the signage can prepare them about what to anticipate when they get there. Because signs are digital, they can easily be updated when, for example, you add a new dish to a menu or an in-demand item in your gift shops.

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