Our Predictions: The Future of Hotel Digital Signage

Not that long ago, the prediction that television sets, computers, and electronic signage could be combined into one technology may have seemed too futuristic. Hospitality digital signage is quickly realizing those futuristic trends, so dream big! Those dreams may translate into reality much more quickly than you might expect.

Providing hotel digital signage amenities like the ones we share in this article will elevate the guest experience and allow them to feel as though they’re already stepping into a lodging facility of the future.

Real-Time Arrival Info

When guests arrive at your hotel, motel, or resort, they’re typically ready to get into their room—perhaps to kick back and relax or maybe because they’re ready to get going, enjoying their getaway. As research has suggested, with wait times, perception is what matters.

If someone feels as though they’re waiting too long, they’ll experience negative emotions associated with that kind of frustration; this is true even when, objectively, the wait time could be quite reasonable. On the other hand, if the wait time feels short or is filled with useful experiences, then satisfaction can remain high.

So, configure your hotel’s digital signage in ways that contribute to a guest’s positive perception. For example, you could use the signage display to estimate how long the wait time would be before someone can check-in. You can also display a percentage—one that lists how many rooms are ready.

Also, consider how amusement parks can use this type of information. They share how long someone might wait to enjoy an amazing experience on one of their rides. You can do something similar, providing lists of locations that a guest can visit and activities they can enjoy. By doing so, your guests can already be planning their stay and imagining how much fun they’ll have.

Personalized Messaging in Guest Rooms

You can leverage hospitality digital signage technology in guest rooms that provide customized welcome messages. At a minimum, include their name and, if you have insights into why they’ve booked this stay, put that into the messaging. It could be a mini interactive hotel kiosk where you could ask each guest about their interests and deliver information about destinations. If, for example, you’re located by a state park and a guest indicates interest in hiking, you could provide information about upcoming weather and how they might want to dress for the occasion.

If you’ve got an in-house restaurant, you can share digital menus and wine lists, allowing guests to RSVP and pre-order. If a guest is a member of your loyalty club, you could use information that you already have about them to make personalized recommendations: perhaps about new dishes and wines on the menu. Similarly, if you know that they enjoy exercise or spa treatments, share news and updates about your gym, pool, and so forth.

Hotel Kiosk Restaurant and Drink Orders

Empower guests with self-serve ordering at table tops in your restaurant; allow them to order drinks and snacks, poolside; and otherwise, make getting what they want as seamless as possible. Besides offering guests the ultimate in convenience and service, you can update menus as meals change; as specials are updated; as seasons change; and more.

Virtual Concierge Services

You can also use hotel kiosks to provide guests with virtual concierge services. They can find information about on-property amenities (and their locations, hours, and so forth) as well as details about local attractions. You can collaborate with these attractions and excursions, allowing hotel guests to buy tickets and book events all from your lodging facility.

This positions your brand as one where guests can enjoy one-stop trip planning and also allows you to cross-promote your other facilities seamlessly. You can use this service to build relationships with local purveyors who offer services that don’t compete with yours. Plus, you can make it easy for guests to find bus routes, contact taxi companies and other forms of transportation, and more.

As you shorten the number of times that guests need to take care of business and get their questions answered, the more time they’ll have to enjoy their stay with you. This can significantly increase guest experiences and how they’ll share positive information about your brand.

Promotional and Advertising Possibilities

Picture how you can expand how you’re using hotel digital signage to include in-house promotional opportunities. How can you increase paid advertising to boost your revenue? How can you include gaming opportunities that engage guests and then show them relevant ads?

Live Stream Events

Consider how you can collaborate with sports venues, festival promoters, and more to live stream events into your lodging facilities through hospitality digital signage. Perhaps you can live stream part of a concert, competition at a fair, the runway of an upcoming fashion designer, and so forth—and then have tickets available for other parts of the live events.

Hotel Digital Signage

MDM Commercial offers a wide range of hospitality digital signage to meet the unique needs of your hotel, motel, or lodging facilities: for today, tomorrow, and in the future. Our expert team will help you to choose just the right hotel digital signage to seamlessly check guests in; interact with them in engaging ways; welcome guests and visitors in highly personal ways; share important information with them; provide maps and wayfinding signage; advertise services and amenities; and much more. We’ll also help you to place them in optimal ways, ensuring that they’re available in the most useful spots.

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