Eight Advantages of Using Hotel Digital Signage & Wayfinding Solutions

The design of hotel digital wayfinding signs can mimic the results of cognitive studies that focus on how guests and other facility visitors intuitively move through buildings. The goal is to make the information-seeking process as simple as possible by laying out easy-to-follow digital wayfinding signs in ways that human brains naturally will understand. The more the design dovetails with natural-seeking behaviors, the better.

Here are eight advantages to having this type of signage in your hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging facilities.

#1 Guests Can Seamlessly Find Locations

Nobody likes to get lost, therefore, people appreciate companies that provide information about how to get to where they need to go. In a hotel or resort, this can include the person’s room or the restaurants, gyms, pools, gift shops and more that they seek as well as entrances and exits to the facility. This can speed up the time required to check in and out of the facility and in finding locations of interest while reducing or eliminating mazeophobia, the very real fear of getting lost.

#2 Reduce Wait Times

If your hospitality digital signage includes self-check-in kiosks, this will either reduce wait times or the guest’s perception of them. When someone can take control of a process, given that the technology is of good quality, they feel empowered and the process feels faster even when it isn’t literally so. If you don’t use self-check technology, make sure that the hospitality digital signage provides waiting guests with useful information about amenities and more. That way, they’ll feel like they’re accomplishing two things at once, which is more efficient and keeps people engaged.

#3 Hotel Digital Signage Reduces Stress

This includes potential stress for the guests and for hotel workers. For the guests, it reduces the stress and disorientation of getting lost and of having to find hotel workers to guide them where they need to go. If at a conference, it helps to ensure that the guests arrive on time. For hotel workers, they’re freed up for other customer service tasks when they don’t need to spend as much time answering questions and guiding guests to their locations.

#4 Saved Time Means Saved Money

When hotel staff are freed up to do their work more efficiently, this can translate into cost savings for the facilities—perhaps allowing hotel management to schedule people differently and/or to merge jobs in cost-saving ways. This allows lodging facilities to offer quality guest services, aided by today’s cutting-edge technologies.

#5 You Can Welcome Guests With Brand-Specific Greetings

Digital signage located at front doors or check-in locations can welcome guests to your facilities that emphasize your unique brand. Guest loyalty is crucial in today’s competitive environment, and a branded wayfinding system can contribute significantly to that initiative. MDM also offers graphics and contact creation services to further personalize your hospitality’s digital signage.

#6 Information Can Be Up-to-Date

Because the wayfinding system is digital, you can easily update the information to what’s most current. This means that you can update the hours of gymnasium and pool availability, share what specials your in-house restaurant offers, warn guests of incoming storms, and much more. When guests can interact with this information, via touchscreens, this is a bonus.

#7 Market Your Facilities

Whether you use your digital wayfinding signs to market in-house amenities or local attraction and transportation options, you’re providing a wayfinding system that helps people on vacation and those on business trips. These messages will play several times during a person’s visit, which can boost their effectiveness. If you have multiple locations, you can cross-promote them. Or you can collaborate with attractions near you and cross-promote one another as well.

#8 Wayfinding Systems Are Very Flexible

Have volunteers stroll through your facilities, writing down or otherwise recording what information they needed or wondered about in a specific location in your buildings. Use this intelligence to help place your digital wayfinding signs or the content you’ll provide through them in a specific location.

These are just some of the more commonly enjoyed benefits of hospitality digital signage and wayfinding systems. Your facilities may find other benefits that are more uniquely yours. You can contact our experts to discuss specifics for your facilities.

Range of Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

MDM Lodging offers a wide range of wayfinding systems and other digital signage solutions for hotels, motels, resorts and more. To transform your hospitality brand, consider the following:

You’ll need a combination of hardware and software to display the kind of information that will help your guests at locations like these:

  • Hotel front desks and locations offering concierge services
  • Locations of special events: from conferences to weddings
  • Restaurants, bars, and gift shops: your in-house amenities
  • Gym, spas, and pools, including their hours of availability
  • Children’s clubs and playgrounds for them to enjoy on-site
  • Exit locations, elevators, and parking garages to aid guests
  • At intersections in your hotel, including where two halls come together

Choose MDM Lodging for Your Hotel Digital Signage

Our experts can analyze your facilities to create a plan for your signage, overseeing your project from start to finish. Or, if you already know what you need, just let us know. Either way, your lodging facilities will benefit from competitive pricing on our wide selection of hospitality digital signage products, thanks to our deep industry connections and big buying power. If you don’t see what you need, just let us know and we’ll reach out to find out what we can source for our ever-expanding modern product line.

We can get you up and running rapidly with our excellent tech team answering your questions. In short, MDM is the experienced choice, so contact us online or call 800-359-6741 to get started.