Best Locations to Place Your Hotel Digital Wayfinding Signage

When people arrive at your lodging facility, they may have been driving for quite a while or just come off a stressful flight. Perhaps they’ve got a big business presentation to make the following morning. So, they want to get a comfortable room, as soon as possible, simply to relax. Other guests may be looking forward to a wonderful vacation and so they want to get settled in quickly in their rooms so they can head right back out to enjoy their time off.

Lodging guest can certainly get frustrated if they’re spending time wandering around the hallways or riding the elevators in search of their room (or restaurant or workout facility). Fortunately, quality digital wayfinding signage, effectively placed, can efficiently get your guests where they need to go.

Strategically Placing Hotel Digital Signage

At its simplest, you’ll want to place your hotel digital signage at all of the places where lodging guests will want and need guidance to get where they need to go next. This includes the following:

  • Entrances and exits: Make it easy for guests, as soon as they pull into your parking lot, to know exactly where to go to register. When they’re ready to go back outside, make it simple for them to locate the right exit door. When they have this type of seamless experience, they’ll be more likely to choose your lodging facility again and recommend it to other people.
  • Check-in counters: Possibilities are endless, ranging from self-serve kiosks that empower people to check in and use them to conveniently find where they need to go to ones that provide wayfinding information after one of your team members personally checks in the new guests.
  • Elevators: When guests are about to enter an elevator—and/or when they’ve just gotten off of one—wayfinding signage can be used to orient them to where they’re going and where they’ve just arrived. You can use them to direct people to their rooms as well as providing guidance to hotel restaurants and amenities.
  • Lobbies: Lobbies are natural gathering points, places to provide people with the information they need about your facilities, including directions and interactive “you are here” maps. Besides helping guests, these can also assist vendors and other visitors.
  • Hallways: When hallways intersect, guests have to make a decision: do they go straight or turn left or right? Use digital wayfinding to make everything simple and keep everyone on the right track.
  • By restaurants, gift shops, and workout facilities: Sometimes, guests will arrive early and perhaps stop at the restaurant or gift shop before going to their rooms. Other times, after going to one of these locations in your facilities, they’ll need to find their bearings again, especially when they’ve only recently arrived. You know the answer! Hotel wayfinding signage.

That’s general guidance about where signage is typically appreciated. But what about in your specific lodging facilities?

Creating Your Own Immersive Experience for Guests

You know your own lodging facilities well—which can make it more difficult for you to know precisely where to place your digital wayfinding. You may know some of the locations if your hotel team frequently gets questions about a particular place, but not all. So, it makes sense to have people new to your facility walk through and explain where they got confused about directions or where they would otherwise appreciate orientation maps and directions.

Ask your audit team specific questions, such as where they got confused and why and what information would have helped them at that point. Use this information in your signage plan, considering what types of hotel digital signage, from a technical standpoint, would be helpful. You can also contact us online or call 800-359-6741 and our experts can help you with these steps.

Once you have a location plan in place, consider how you’d want to highlight your brand as you tell your directional story to people who visit your facilities. Use meaningful colors, logos, and creative graphics to guide people from place to place. To streamline this process for your busy lodging team, MDM offers content and graphics services, working alongside your marketing team without adding work to their to-do lists.

Plus, our content management software makes it super convenient to update your content, as desired, freeing staff up from time-consuming manual changes on signs. So, when you have a special menu at the restaurant or a great discount at your gift shop, you can quickly add information about these opportunities to inform and engage your guests—while ensuring that your digital directions will make it easy for them to find these locations in your facilities.

Examples of Hotel Wayfinding Signage

You can start with large, easy to see outdoor hotel signage that engages lodging guests and visitors from the moment they’re on your property. Inside, you can choose from full HD indoor screens, including interactive touchscreen monitors. Video walls further expand the possibilities, both in size and versatility.

Because no two hotels, motels, or resorts are designed in exactly the same way and because they have differing amenities, it’s important to customize your solution for your precise needs. The seamless experience that occurs when signage is optimally placed with just the right content at the right spot will enhance guest satisfaction in immeasurable ways. This, in turn, will go a long way in boosting guest loyalty and helping to ensure their return, either to the exact same facility or to other ones from your brand in different locales. Let us help!

Choose MDM For Your Hotel Digital Signage

MDM offers the latest digital wayfinding signage for lodging facilities along with the professional services you need to select and install them to enhance the guest experience. From TV monitors (indoors and out), video walls, hotel kiosks, and more, we’ve got what you need. Our software allows you to operate, manage, and update information quickly and easily, as desired.

To get started, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.