Nine Reasons to Invest in a Hotel Air Conditioning Upgrade For Your Facility

If you’re thinking about upgrading the air conditioner units in your hotels, motels, and resorts, here are nine reasons why it makes sense to do so.

#1 Comfortable Guest Experience

In the United States, guests have come to expect a comfortable room, and that includes the right temperature. People who are enjoying a vacation or are on a business trip want their rooms to be relaxing places to be amid the hustle and bustle of their days away from home. With today’s summers requiring AC units to bring the temperatures down to satisfactory levels for optimal comfort, hotel AC units are necessary to make that happen. They’ll also expect the same levels of comfort in the facility’s restaurants, bars, gyms, lobbies, and so forth

#2 Empowering Guest Experience

Closely related to a comfortable guest experience is empowering guests by giving them the freedom to choose their room temperature. Using hotel air conditioning units that allow them to control the temperatures of their own rooms can permit them to feel in control of their environment.

#3 Cost Efficiency

When considering the cost of the new hotel air conditioners, also take into account how new units are much more energy efficient. This can create monthly savings that will help you to recover your costs of the new system more quickly. New technologies can make everything easier, more efficient, and less expensive to use. If you’d like assistance with this cost analysis, just let us know. MDM experts will be happy to help.

You can put some controls on how low the temperatures in a room can go, preserving the cost savings while still giving your guests the feeling of empowerment and comfort. Plus, you can shut off or reduce AC in empty rooms, furthering cost efficiencies.

#4 Sustainability

As a closely related benefit, the energy efficiency of new hotel AC units can help you to reach your corporate sustainability goals more easily. Over the years, more attention has been given to sustainability with new AC models designed for that purpose with appropriate refrigerants and so forth.

Lodging facilities can play a vital role in sustainable tourism with hotel heating and cooling units performing a crucial part; so upgrading to units with more sustainability is a logical choice.

#5 Space Saving

Modern hotel heating and cooling units have space saving designs that can free up areas for other purposes. This could include more room for your guests to occupy and enjoy or other ways that can enhance how your facilities use their square footage.

#6 Comfort of Employees

Although the comfort of guests comes to mind first, keeping your employees in a comfy ambiance is also important as part of your recruitment and retention efforts. Just like with any other industry, employees will stay longer and feel more satisfied when they are in a quality environment. This can be especially important nowadays when many companies across the United States struggle to hire and maintain enough staff.

#7 Freed Up Employee Time

When you have quality hotel air conditioners that work well, then guests will need to call your staff less often and will need less assistance with their units. This freed-up time can be spent on other, more pressing guest services.

#8 Less Repair and Maintenance Costs

Over time, hotel AC units, like any other technology, will need more time, energy, and money invested in maintaining and repairing older units. In some cases, certain rooms can’t be successfully rented out until the air conditioning in those rooms are fixed—which is limiting the capacity of your facility and limiting potential daily income.

#9 More Positive Reviews and Guest Loyalty

It’s likely that guests in rooms where the heating and cooling is problematic will be unhappy and will spread less-than-satisfactory word of mouth and online reviews about your facilities. Quality hotel heating and cooling units, meanwhile, are more likely to facilitate satisfaction and positive feedback about your facilities. Plus, positive experiences make it more likely that guests will return to your facilities when they need a place to stay.

Types of Hotel Heating and Cooling Units

To ensure the best return on investment, MDM only works with trustworthy hotel AC brands such as General Electric and LG. Both offer quality products with energy savings. Both focus on continual innovation with a core focus on technologies that improve the guest experience. View all the AC units we offer here at MDM:

We offer, ranging from ones with BTUs from 6,400 to 11,600, depending on your needs. Some are 115 volt hotel heating and cooling units while some provide cooling capabilities only; this is also true of the GE models with 230/208. If you’re unsure about what would be best for your facilities, we’ll happily make recommendations.

No matter which units you choose, though, you’ll benefit from exceptionally reliable hotel AC units where guests can control their rooms’ temperatures and, therefore, their levels of comfort. Today’s technologies come with energy savings, and built-in models provide even more weather barriers for more efficiencies and cost savings. Models come with super seal systems to reduce the number of air filtration cycles; these further maximize your savings on energy costs, facilitating a faster return on investment. These models are well built, requiring less maintenance and repairs throughout their overall time of usage.

Models from MDM are built for ease of installment with convenient universal components when a part needs to be replaced. Their design will blend in with your décor for seamlessly attractive guest rooms and public spaces.

Contact MDM for Your Hotel Air Conditioners

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