Pro:Centric Servers for Hotels

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LG Pro:Centric Servers Bring Lodging Facilities to the Next Level

Pro:Centric servers allow hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging facilities to provide unique digital content directly to each guest’s television set—allowing facilities to deliver quality programming for guest enjoyment while also sharing corporate branding. These servers also support billboards and more. LG Pro:Centric is a trusted global brand and MDM’s brand of choice.

FAQs About LG Pro:Centric Servers

What type of servers do you offer?

We provide lodging facilities with LG Pro:Centric servers, including these models:

With these servers, an Admin Client Graphical User Interface (GUI) is securely provided to administrators so they can have a full suite of features to manage the system. The systems are remotely accessible through the use of a VPN service and standard web browser. This means that remote configuration management, software updates, and more are supported, with free hosting available through LG Electronics during your warranty. Extended support plans are also available.

These LG Pro:Centric servers are easy to install and highly reliable, and they require minimal head-end rack space. The PCS200R model supports PCA Pro:Centric Application V3.0. The PCS400R model has no moving parts and no internal disk. It has solid state memory and supports Pro:Centric Direct, HTML5 Content Management Software.

Why does MDM Commercial offer LG servers?

We only sell trusted brands to our customers, and LG Electronics, Inc. is a global technological and manufacturing company that continues to innovate.

What makes MDM Commercial the right place to source our servers?

We’ve been providing products and services for the lodging industry since 1990, offering premier brands at competitive prices. For servers, we offer LG Pro:Centric servers, known in the industry for their quality, ease of use, and reliability. We also provide our customers with top-notch customer service when they order their products from us. And, because our pricing is so competitive, your hotel, motel, or resort can move forward with confidence, knowing that your investment will pay off more quickly.

In addition, we go beyond simply being a supplier of hotel equipment and accessories, also ready and willing to plan, implement, and manage the products and services we provide for you. In other words, we’re ready to partner with you to take your lodging facility to the next level. Whenever it’s needed, experienced professionals from MDM will upgrade your systems, with technical support always available to answer questions and address any concerns.

What hospitality equipment and accessories do you offer besides servers?
How can we order hospitality equipment from MDM Lodging?

Contact us online, email us at, or call us at (800) 359-6741. We look forward to serving your lodging facility!