Pro:Centric® Server (PCS400R)

LG’s PCS400R Pro:Centric ® Server is a stand-alone, remotely-controlled processor and controller for the Pro:Centric system.

The server enables system providers to create and remotely manage application content for LG commercial TVs over RF or IP distribution networks, using either the Pro:Centric Java Application (PCA) or the new Pro:Centric Direct (PCD) HTML Application. The PCS400R can also be used to remotely edit the televisions’ FTG (“Free- To-Guest”) channel map and installer menu configuration, dramatically reducing installation cost and future room visits.


Simple Installation
Uses the existing RF/IP network, internet connection input, and modulated RF (QAM), IP or ASI output.

Minimal Head-End Rack-Space
Small, lightweight chassis, 1U height profile,19-inch rack-mountable.

High Reliability
The PCS400R design has ‘no moving parts’ with solid state memory and no internal disk to provide a highly reliable hardware platform.

Remote Support
Remote administration, configuration, and maintenance via VPN server; Management of television channel map and installer menu settings.

(New) Supports Pro:Centric Direct (PCD)
The PCS400R supports LG’s new Pro:Centric Direct, HTML5 Content Management Software. Pro:Centric Direct offers a comprehensive UI (User Interface) Editor, along with customizable widgets and multiple theme templates to enable system integrators to create a unique guest user experience and express the hotel’s brand identity and individuality through LG’s Pro:Centric In-Room television.

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