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OSHPD Pre-Approved Mounts

Peerless SmartMount Universal Flat Wall Mount (SF670) (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Peerless SmartMount Universal Flat Wall Mount (SF680) (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Peerless SmartMount Universal Tilt Wall Mount (ST680) (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Peerless SmartMount® Articulating Wall Arm (SA746PU) (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Peerless SmartMount® Articulating Wall Mount (SA730P) (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Peerless SmartMount® Full-Service Video Wall Mount- Landscape (DS-VW765-LAND) (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Peerless SmartMount® Full-Service Video Wall Mount- Portrait (DS-VW765-POR) (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Peerless TV Mounts for Hotels

When thinking about relaxing in a motel, hotel, or resort room after a busy day of sightseeing, traveling, or even work-related meetings, guests usually imagine kicking off their shoes, leaning back on a comfy bed, and watching television programming of their choice with no hassle.

Satisfy that guest and they’ll likely return and spread the word about your quality service to friends, family, and business colleagues—and one overlooked element of providing in-room entertainment is how the television is mounted for guest comfort, as well as facility security.

The answer? Quality hotel TV mounts manufactured by Peerless and provided by MDM Commercial. For assistance in choosing the right Peerless TV mounts for your facility, please contact us online or call (800) 359-6741. Our experts will recommend the best options for your needs.

Peerless TV Wall Mounts

One option is to mount your in-room television sets on the rooms’ walls. Numerous benefits exist for this design, including that it will free up valuable floor or dresser/desk space, creating a less cluttered appearance and giving guests more room for their own belongings. Unsightly cables and wires can be easily hidden for a clean look.

Strategic positioning of your guests’ television sets can reduce glare from windows and indoor lighting, which can help to prevent eye strain. As outdoor light changes, flexible mounts will allow for easy adjustments to continue to avoid glare. Plus, having a television mounted at the right angle provides the ultimate in comfort for guests, preventing neck strain and creating the perfect viewing placement.

In addition, the secure mounting makes it difficult for television sets to be damaged or stolen, and puts them out of the reach of curious toddlers who could get hurt by tipping a television over.

Peerless offers universal flat wall mounts and universal tilt wall mounts, and more:

These are just five examples of Peerless TV wall mount options. There are several more on this page and, if you have questions about what you need, call (800) 359-6741. (The reality is that we have hundreds of mounts/kiosks available from multiple vendors, so we’ll have what your lodging facilities want.)

Hotel TV Mounts for Lobbies

Besides providing the perfect mounting system for in-room televisions, MDM can recommend and install Peerless TV mounts for shared spaces, such as lobbies, in-facility gyms, and more. This keeps guests entertained wherever they are in your hotel, motel, or resort, and empowers you to further build your brand, educate guests about amenities—whether an in-facility gym, spa, pool, or something else—and spread the word about gift shop and restaurant specials and otherwise use the mounts to position the television to spread the word.

When you mount your publicly placed televisions in locations that guests, visitors, vendors and more can easily see, you can also share cross-marketing agreements with other area businesses. In the competitive world of lodging, it’s important to leverage advantages and properly mounted televisions can broadcast messaging for that purpose.

Why Peerless?

MDM only carries time-tested, trusted brands for the products and equipment that we provide for lodging facilities like yours, including with hotel TV mounts. Founded in 1941, Peerless invented the first CRT TV wall mount (in 1965) and has continued its innovative journey over its 80 year existence. They make top quality products, standing behind what they make, which is why MDM is proud to offer Peerless TV mounts. The strength, flexibility, and reliability of these mounts allow guests at facilities of all sizes to be entertained and informed during their stay.

Quality Hotel Grade Televisions

If you’re looking to replace your lodging facilities’ television sets, we offer cost-effective solutions. MDM offers the latest line of LG HD TVs, along with Lodging LG Pro: Centric® Smart for the ultimate in no hassle configurations and updates. Other options include home theater quality television systems and dresser-top HD TVs.
Our expert team can help to right-size your system to fit your budget and offer valuable guidance into proper installation, mounting equipment, and in-room hardware configurations. Upgrading your facilities to modern entertainment technology can be expensive, but MDM leverages its big buying power to get you the best rates possible and helps to facilitate a smooth transition.

Installation Services

To enjoy each of the many benefits described, it’s crucial to have the TV mounts and televisions appropriately installed. Peerless TV mounts provide the ultimate in installation ease and MDM’s professional team also offers installation services for the max in convenience.

Choose MDM: Hotel TV Mounts

Since 1990, MDM Commercial has been providing in-demand equipment for the hospitality industry with the following philosophy. We want to attract and retain the best customers, so we:

  • Provide the finest levels of customer service
  • Offer top quality equipment, technology, and supplies
  • Leverage our big buying power to give customers the most competitive rates

To get exactly the right Peerless TV wall mounts for your facilities, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741 today for more information.