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New Construction and Renovation Healthcare Solutions

If you're embarking on the construction of a new hospital or renovating your current facility, consider MDM Healthcare's comprehensive suite of technology solutions and professional installation services. We understand the critical role of technology in healthcare environments and are dedicated to ensuring seamless integration to optimize patient care and staff efficiency. 

For over 30 years, we have provided healthcare customers throughout the United States with industry-leading customer service, worry-free project management, and access to the latest products and technology. In addition to our complete line of in-room equipment, we also offer patient-focused hospital TV, education, and entertainment systems, audio/video content, IP, RF, and Z-Band distribution, and digital satellite systems. As one of the nation's largest healthcare-grade display distributors, we partner with technology leaders to deliver advanced solutions, competitive prices, and unrivaled customer service. Our dedicated, centrally located warehouses ensure an efficient process from order to shipment to receiving, allowing us to work within even the tightest timelines. 

An LG hospital-grade smart TV mounted on the wall of a hospital lobby, displaying health and safety information for visitors and patients.
  • Complete Project Management from Planning to Installation  
  • Staff Training and Ongoing System Maintenance 
  • Z-Band® TV Distribution System  
  • RF Distribution System  
  • IPTV Distribution System  
  • LTE Network   
  • Digital Headend 
  • Healthcare Televisions  
  • Commercial Grade Televisions  
  • Digital Signage  
  • Patient Education and Entertainment  
  • Pillow Speakers  
  • Kiosks, Arms and Mounts  
  • Remotes  
  • DIRECTV® for Business  
If you're embarking on the construction of a new hospital or renovating your current facility, consider MDM Healthcare's comprehensive suite of technology solutions and professional installation services.


Our Expert Team is Dedicated to Supporting You During Each Stage of Your New Construction Project


Throughout each stage of your project our consultative approach ensures a seamless collaboration with your team and our seasoned experts to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of AV systems, network setup, and other technology in new construction hospitals. We adopt a proactive strategy in ensuring that our recommended solutions are future-proof, addressing not only current requirements but also anticipating the evolving needs of tomorrow. We collaborate with architects, designers, and engineers in both new construction and renovation endeavors to design sophisticated television and AV systems tailored to any healthcare setting 

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Installation and Technical Services 

MDM Healthcare offers comprehensive installation and technical services, guiding you from solution selection to onsite installation. Our national team of partners manages projects efficiently, freeing up your resources. Our seamless project implementation process ensures a quality outcome. We begin with consultation and detailed planning, followed by an onsite evaluation of the existing infrastructure. Once finalized, our certified installation team executes the plan under the supervision of a dedicated project manager. Post-installation, we provide ongoing technical support and maintenance agreements to ensure your satisfaction. 

  • Comprehensive Services 
  • Efficient Project Management 
  • National Team of Partners 
  • Seamless Implementation 
  • Onsite Evaluation for Tailored Solutions 
  • Certified Installation Team 
  • Ongoing Technical Support 
An engineering team works together to install digital signage inside a hospital corridor, using tools and ladders to securely mount the electronic display system on the wall.

Facility Wide TV Distribution Systems 

IP, RF, and Z Band TV Distribution Systems are different methods used to distribute television signals within a facility or across multiple locations: Each of these distribution systems has its advantages and applications, depending on factors such as infrastructure, scalability requirements, and desired features. Experts in television system technology and installation, MDM’s staff works with you to evaluate your current system, assess the capabilities of your operations, and determine the requirements needed to meet both present and future needs. We custom design and build or redesign and upgrade your TV Distribution system to meet your project needs.  

  • Expert Evaluation of Current System and Operational Capabilities 
  • Custom Design or Upgrade Options  
  • Tailored to Infrastructure and Scalability Requirements 
  • Seasoned Experts 
  • Flexibility to Meet Unique Needs 
  • Comprehensive Solutions 
A patient lying in a hospital bed, watching television on a screen connected to IP, RF, and Z-Band TV distribution systems, providing a range of channels and multimedia options.

IP TV Distribution System This system distributes television signals using Internet Protocol (IP) technology. It converts video and audio signals into IP packets, allowing them to be transmitted over an IP network infrastructure, such as Ethernet. IP TV distribution offers flexibility, scalability, and the ability to integrate with other IP-based services. 

RF TV Distribution System: RF stands for Radio Frequency, and this distribution system uses RF modulation to transmit television signals over coaxial cables. It is a traditional method commonly found in older installations or environments where coaxial cable infrastructure is already in place. RF TV distribution typically involves modulating the video and audio signals onto specific RF frequencies for transmission and tuning by television sets. 

Z Band TV Distribution System: Z Band is a brand name for a specific type of RF TV distribution system. Z Band systems utilize RF modulation technology to distribute high-definition video and audio signals over coaxial cables. They often incorporate features such as high channel capacity, compatibility with various video formats, and the ability to deliver signals to multiple destinations simultaneously. 

Trust MDM healthcare for all your hospital tv system needs

LG Hospital Grade TVs

Looking for high-quality Smart TVs to pair with your healthcare TV system? MDM Healthcare offers competitive pricing, expert guidance, and professional installation services.

A patient lying in a hospital bed, watching television

LTE Network Solution   

Our LTE Network Solution is meticulously crafted to elevate the connectivity and security standards of your healthcare facility. Designed specifically to address the unique demands of the healthcare industry, we serve as your trusted partner in wireless solutions. Our dedicated team of experts assists you in selecting the ideal connectivity solution tailored to your needs, while our efficient project management guarantees timely implementation. Furthermore, our system performance specialists optimize your network, collaborate seamlessly with your teams, and provide ongoing maintenance alongside 24/7 alarm monitoring. With our comprehensive suite of features and benefits, including Seamless Mobility, Transparent Connectivity, Zero-Wi-Fi Login (SIM), HIPAA Compliance, Enhanced Security, Air Encrypt with Zero Interference, and Integral IoT functionalities like NB-IoT & CAT-M, empower your facility like never before with our LTE Network Solution. 

  • Seamless Mobility 
  • Transparent Connectivity  
  • Zero-Wi-Fi Login (SIM) 
  • HIPAA Compliant  
  • Enhanced Security 
  • Air Encrypt with Zero Interference 
  • Integral IoT: NB-IoT & CAT-M 
An image showcasing the components of an LTE Network Solution, meticulously designed to enhance the connectivity and security standards in a healthcare facility, with network devices and diagrams illustrating the robust infrastructure.

Head End & DIRECTV® 

MDM’s modular digital headend system is designed to bring your facility the advantages of high-definition, small-dish DSS programming. Each system is custom- engineered to your needs, tested, and shipped fully assembled to make installation quick and easy. Included are all racks, receivers, antenna, modulators, splitters, and combiners required to produce proper RF output levels. DIRECTV® has the widest selection of sports, informational, and entertainment programming available anywhere. Whether your need is entertainment or business-oriented programming, we carry 100% digital quality video and audio offerings. With over 160 channels of the hottest Hollywood blockbusters, original series, and sports programming, patients can choose from a wide variety of specialized TV packages like Family Favorites, and more.


DSS Digital Headend  

MDM's modular digital headend system delivers high-definition, small-dish DSS programming tailored to your facility's needs. Each system is custom engineered, tested, and shipped fully assembled for quick installation. It includes all necessary equipment for proper RF output levels. 

  • Individual Receiver/Modulator Per Channel 
  • All Components Rack-Mounted, Shipped Ready to Connect 
  • Easy Change in Channel Lineups 
  • Local Maintenance Available 
  • Headend Can Be Leased or Purchased 


DIRECTV® Authorized Dealer 

As a DIRECTV® Authorized Dealer we offer the widest selection of sports, informational, and entertainment programming, including 100% digital quality video and audio, patients have access to over 160 channels of Hollywood blockbusters, original series, and sports programming, along with specialized TV packages like Family Favorites.

When you go through us for DIRECTV®, you can count on: 

  • No up-front costs for leased equipment 
  • Better service, which means customer service even after installation 
  • Experience. We have been a dealer for over 15 years. 
patients watching tv

Creative Services 

Our talented team of designers, with years of experience in the commercial space, is equipped to help you achieve your unique business goals. Whether it is digital signage, patient education systems, touch displays, menu boards, wayfinding kiosks, video walls, or more, we have the technical skill, creativity, and keen eye for detail to create compelling content solutions. Additionally, we specialize in designing interactive touch screens for digital kiosks and mobile apps, incorporating QR codes for enhanced engagement. Concierge Kiosk Benefits include providing visitors with the latest and most accurate information, assisting guests in navigating their environment, and offering additional branding and marketing opportunities for businesses while potentially decreasing overhead. Our partnership with Art Republic celebrates a shared commitment to infuse spaces with creativity. We curate an eclectic array of digital artwork to pair with your displays. 

  • Expert Designers 
  • Versatility in Digital Platforms 
  • Technical Prowess and Creativity for Compelling Content 
  • Interactive Touch Screens with QR Codes 
  • Navigation and Info Assistance 
  • Enhanced Branding Opportunities 
  • Engage Staff, Patients, and Loved Ones 
  • Curated Digital Artwork for Displays 
Wayfinding kiosks positioned in a hospital corridor, displaying custom branded content to assist visitors and patients with directions and hospital information, enhancing the facility's navigational experience.


Autora DSM  

Autora DSM is a robust digital signage content management platform that streamlines the entire process of content creation, organization, scheduling, and updates. 

  • Common Area Engagement 
  • Operational Efficiency 
  • Revenue Growth 
  • Customer Loyalty 
  • Brand Awareness 
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility 
  • Premium Support  
autora digital signage management for hospitls

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MDM Healthcare: Your One Source for Healthcare Technology Solutions  


Whether initiating a new healthcare project or upgrading existing equipment, our dedicated team provides efficient shipping options and professional guidance throughout the entire process. Choose MDM Healthcare as your committed partner for seamless project management, regardless of size or complexity. Embrace the future of technology and position your new construction projects for unprecedented success. Reach out to one of our dedicated healthcare sales experts or call (800) 359-6741 to discuss your unique project needs. 

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