Transforming School Communications: Digital Signage for Education

Plenty of information needs to be exchanged in a typical school day between the school system and parents, students, and visitors with each school having unique communications to share. This is clearly true between different school systems and is also true with individual schools within the same system. In the past, this has meant verbal messaging and flyers being printed off and distributed with varying degrees of success and effectiveness.

Fortunately, another solution exists today: fully customizable digital signage for schools that will leverage the power of easy to use templates and content creation tools to seamlessly provide personalized information. Digital signage for education facilities are effective solutions for preschools; elementary, middle, and high schools; and colleges and universities.

With this technology, you can impart precisely accurate information about parent-teacher conferences dates and times; testing dates, times, and locations; field trip and assembly information; room changes; fire drill testing data; cafeteria menu items and prices; and so much more. Plus, you can use the school digital signage to provide wayfinding information for new students, parents, and other guests to the buildings.

Benefits of digital signage for education facilities are significant.

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Enhances All Learning Styles

In order for school digital signage to truly be transformative, it must help people understand the information presented and then recall it in practical ways. Fortunately, digital signage can help students and other users of the information across the broad learning styles.

For example, many students and visitors to school buildings learn visually. So, to get them acquainted with the school’s layout, providing electronic maps and diagrams help them to navigate the building. Using charts will help them in other situations as well. Add sound to the mix, perhaps through video, and then auditory learners can also process the information well.

Written text works well for people who learn by reading and writing, allowing them to jot down important dates, times, and locations as reminders. The fourth main learning style—that of kinesthetic learners—is fueled by interactive experiences. So, these learners will engage especially well with interactive capabilities that are embedded into the school digital signage.

Because of the broad capabilities of electronic signage, this technology can connect with students across the learning style spectrum to enhance everyone’s ability to absorb important information.

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Broadcast Real-Time Information

Some of the information you share may be fairly permanent: the school’s address, for example, and perhaps much of your standard wayfinding information. Other information will change on a regular basis—and you can also seamlessly make changes in real time to broadcast emergency bulletins, weather alerts, and so forth. You can also impart highly exciting news in the moment, perhaps when your school wins a big sports game or to announce the names of winners of an academic challenge program.

When parents arrive for a teacher’s conference or to chaperone a field trip, you can provide up to date information about rooms. With printed flyers, parents may have possessed outdated data; with digital signage for schools, you can remove the hassle from the experience. The same is true if you’re holding a school assembly, putting on a performance, opening your building up to the board of elections, and so forth. Say good-bye to outdated info!

Lower Stress to Facilitate Learning

Nobody—child or adult—likes to feel uncertain about where they’re supposed to be. This is a stressful situation, and numerous studies have shown how stress can have a negative impact on learning and retaining information. In a 2016 study published in the academic journal, Science of Learning, researchers determined that stress “markedly impairs memory retrieval,” and can cause reduced performances on testing.

When feeling more confident, such as when using reliable information from digital signage for education facilities, our brains waste less energy on stress and anxiety and more on storing and retrieving information. This can be particularly helpful when students transition from elementary school to middle school and then from middle school to high school—and then to a college campus. Adults also experience stress when unsure about what to do next or where to go.

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Naturally Engaging

Our brains get used to what we see every day whereas something new and different can quickly grab our attention. That is a significant flaw of static paper flyers; beside the potential of quickly becoming outdated, they can easily become part of the background clutter that we don’t really notice anymore.

Digital signage for schools capitalizes on this aspect of the human brain by rotating information in interesting, engaging ways. Information, including video, is smoothly streamed to capture and hold attention spans. Take advantage of this by strategically placing digital signage for education buildings where people gather: by doors, auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, libraries, and more. As a piece of logistical advice, consider electrical outlet locations as you plan sign placements. Also experiment to find out where glare won’t impact readability.

Reduce Personnel Costs

Consider how much time teachers and administrative staff use by creating, copying, and distributing paper flyers along with the time spent updating information and time devoted to replacing torn or missing flyers. Then, they do it all over again. That amount of time will almost certainly be quite substantial. With digital signage, you no longer need to waste valuable hours with this process. No more taping paper on the wall! No more pinning on cork boards.

With electronic signage, you flawlessly provide information, updating as needed in real time. Your staff will spend less time: less on the paper signage process and less on repeatedly answering the same questions. Time can be spent in much more productive ways by providing and/or receiving a world-class education.

Enjoy the robust, flexible, convenient, efficient solution: school digital signage.

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