Enhance Your Meeting Experience With Conference Room AV Solutions

No matter what someone’s profession is today, their field is likely to be rapidly changing as technologies advance, best practices evolve, and continual improvements occur. This translates into an ongoing learning curve for people in modern workforces, and one of the best ways to impart new information and teach new processes is through industry-related conferences: between colleagues, those in the same field of work, with clients, or with those having shared interests.

Although the pandemic, by necessity, put a spotlight on virtual conferences, a 2022 survey indicates that 85 percent of organizers plan to host at least three in-person events in 2023—with 35 percent of them planning to host at least ten. More than two thirds of these events will include virtual components, using a best-of-both-worlds approach.

When looking specifically at the types of events, here are the top five and how many organizers are planning them:

  • Trade shows and expos: 45 percent
  • Industry conferences: 43 percent
  • Private events: 43 percent
  • Field marketing events: 32 percent
  • Multi-department meetings: 30 percent

Although purely virtual conferences served their purpose, numerous benefits exist for in-person conferences: in-person networking is much more powerful, for example; depending on the structure of the event, you may get to meet directly with customers and potential ones as well, picking up on their body language cues. If you’ve got a product to show, customers may directly be able to experience that, increasing their interest. Plus, with well-entrenched Zoom fatigue, conferences with an in-person option simply have a fresh, invigorating energy.

So, 2023 and beyond appear to be the years of in-person conferences, creating a demand for well-equipped, quality locales with conference room AV solutions. Here’s more about what makes them stand out.

Comfort is Key

People accustomed to attending meetings from their own home are likely going to place a higher premium on comfort in conference rooms. So, make sure yours has comfortable chairs and tables at proper heights with table-chair combos appropriately placed at reasonable distances from one another. Consider the flow of the room as you place them, keeping in mind that not all conferences will function in the same way.

Keep the rooms at pleasant temperatures; although not every attendee will agree on the perfect temperature, find the right balance to enhance productivity at the conference. Appropriate lighting also plays a key role in increasing focus and productivity with adjustable lighting appreciated.

Room size also matters. For a large conference, you may offer multiple rooms that, combined, will provide the appropriate square footage. For a smaller one, partitioning off space with dividers may provide the right ambiance.

Conference Room AV Systems Are Crucial

The “AV” in conference room AV systems stands for “audio visual” and refers to the technologies that will facilitate providing auditory and visual information to attendees. Quality systems allow people to engage and learn in effective, personalized ways and include hardware (electronic screens, projectors, speakers, lighting, and so on), content management software, and peripherals (microphones, podiums, cameras, mixer boards, and so forth).

When choosing audio visual systems, consider what will fit the types of conferences offered and please attendees who will use your space. What audio visual solutions will most effectively broadcast the speakers’ presentations? Selecting the right ones will satisfy organizers and attendees, which will cause your facilities to become more in demand, and will help to trigger positive word of mouth about what you provide. Although there’s no bad time for positive PR, receiving it as people are returning to in-person conferences in large numbers (meaning, now!) is ideal.

Also consider what audio visual solutions will work well as boardroom AV solutions. Having a high quality system can help to attract groups that will regularly need to rent space. In the survey referenced earlier in this post, 13 percent of event organizers planned to hold internal training programs, and top-shelf audio visual systems are perfect for that purpose.

Learning Styles Matter

Whether your space will be used for boardroom AV solutions or internal training sessions—or for larger conferences that attract people from around the country and possibly elsewhere—consider the four main learning styles as you choose your conference room AV solution:

  • Visual learners are the most common type, retaining information through charts, diagrams, and other tools that they can see. Fortunately, AV conference systems can easily engage these learners.
  • Auditory learners favor information provided vocally, which makes it important for the AV system to provide clear sound.
  • Readers/writers like to see the written text and take notes from what’s being presented. Fortunately, AV conference systems fit this need well, too.
  • Kinesthetic learners prefer interactive environments, which conference organizers and speakers can create through AV system technologies.

Don’t Forget the Remote Learner

Although conference organizers are returning to in-person events in significant numbers, the desire for remote learning as an adjunct is here to stay. People will continue to experience time, travel, and geographical constraints, so the best AV conference systems will accommodate them. When you offer them, you can serve people from all around the country—even the world.

Benefits of Professional Audio Visual Systems

Having a quality system automatically upgrades the quality of your conference space as attendees learn and engage through crisp audio and clear visual information. They can enjoy the best of today’s technologies in your well-appointed facilities. This naturally leads to the word of mouth praise that can attract additional rentals, and you can use the same technologies as you promote your own facilities.

MDM Commercials: Outstanding Conference Room AV Solutions

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