How Switching to Digital Menu Boards Can Enhance Your Success

Pleasing your guests and boosting your bottom line are two key goals for a hospitality business—and digital menu boards can help you to accomplish both of them. Today’s digital menu boards for restaurants are fully customizable, too, so you can achieve these goals in uniquely brand-specific ways.

Here are ten ways in which digital signage boards can propel you forward.

#1 Enhance Visual Appeal

Digital restaurant menu signage allows you to attract diner attention through amazing imagery: mouthwatering appetizers, fresh salads, delectable entrees, refreshing drinks, and marvelous desserts. When restaurant digital signage is placed where hotel guests can see it while strolling by, this can entice them to come inside. When inside, this helps them to make ordering decisions; you can add video to further tempt them to try signature dishes and drinks.

#2 Seamlessly Rotate Menu Options

Perhaps your hotel’s restaurant is known for its seasonal dining focus. If so, then digital menu boards for restaurants are ideal, allowing you to flawlessly switch from one micro-season to the next. Ready to switch from breakfast to lunch to dinner options? You can smoothly do so at a predetermined time through automated change functions in your restaurant digital signage system. That way, your diners will know exactly what they can order when they arrive at your dining facility.

#3 React Quickly to Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain disruptions are a real concern in today’s world. With a digital menu for restaurants, though, you can react in real-time to adjust what you’re offering to guests. If, for example, you get less of an ingredient than expected—or demand is greater than anticipated—you can easily broadcast substitutions on your digital menu boards.

Sometimes, the opposite happens. Perhaps you’ve unexpectedly received a wonderful shipment of fresh beef, pork, or fish, and you want to take advantage of the possibilities. Once you’ve decided how to use the ingredients, you can instantly add a special dish of the day on your restaurant digital signage.

#4 Provide Additional Helpful Information

Today’s health conscious diners will appreciate nutritional information provided and those with allergies will benefit from allergy-related data. Increasing numbers of guests may also ask about ingredient sources as traceability becomes a greater subject of interest. Not all hospitality restaurants will have the same information to share—and with a digital menu for restaurants, that’s fine. You can list your customized information on the digital restaurant boards and, if additional info becomes available, you can quickly and easily add it to the display.

#5 Manage Perceived Wait Times

Whether a guest is waiting to order or for the food to arrive, you can lower their wait time perceptions by keeping them engaged. You can provide them with details about their orders’ progress, also recommending a drink and appetizer through the platform. You can make the time period entertaining by sharing fun facts, asking trivia questions, and otherwise creating an interactive experience. Also, you can share other amenities available in your hotel, motel, or resort: gift shops, gyms, and more, using the wait time to further engage your guests.

#6 Bring Your Brand Uniquely to Life

Benefits listed so far will help you to leverage the power of restaurant menu signage to please your guests and make it more likely that they’ll return and/or spread positive word of marketing messages to other potential guests. Digital menu boards for restaurants also make it super easy to market your facility and brand, creating messaging that’s recognizably you. It’s easy to create uniquely presented menus because of modern, quality templates and convenient content creation tools. Plus, if you’d like help with bringing your visions to life, just let us know. Our content and graphic design teams are happy to collaborate with your marketing team to create just the right digital display content solutions.

#7 Enjoy an Increase in Restaurant Orders

The CEO of a UK eatery, Prime Burger, noted how sales increased by 50 percent after they started using digital restaurant menus instead of static printed boards. He believes that the high visibility of these digital screens, plus their convenience, accounts for a significant amount of their boost in business. Other popular chains may not state this publicly—but the fact that they’re switching to digital in increasing numbers allows one to surmise that these signs help to boost success.

#8 Save on Personnel Costs

You have the option to create an interactive signage setup that allows customers to use touch screens to order directly from the menu. If you decide to automate your processes, you can reduce personnel costs. To upsell, provide personalized recommendations to a customer: a special appetizer while they wait or a drink that you know they appreciate because of loyalty membership info that you’ve collected. Digital menu boards for restaurants also free up your personnel from answering frequently asked questions because you can have the answers automatically delivered.

#9 Save on Vendor Costs

You can also select to automate your menu changes on a predetermined schedule, saving the printing costs you’ve had with traditional menus.

#10 Contribute More to Your Bottom Line

Because you can share promotions on your restaurant digital menus and recommend larger sizes, you can increase order quantities and sizes through automated upsells. This, among other benefits listed here, can help your hospitality brand more quickly realize a return on investment for your restaurant digital signage.

Choose MDM For Your Digital Menu for Restaurants

MDM Commercial offers a wide range of restaurant menu signage options and our expert team will happily help you to choose exactly the right ones for your hospitality-based restaurants and offer guidance on the best placements. You’ll benefit from competitive pricing that’s possible because of our big buying power and our professional installation services; project management; content and graphic design services; and more—available through our convenient one-stop shopping experience that includes the products and services you need.

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