Are Your Hotel Air Conditioners Up to Par?

The right hotel air conditioning system can keep your guests comfortable and your costs low.

Some are calling the year of the “rage against the rodent.” On Groundhog Day, Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, thus convincing Americans that warmer weather was just six weeks away. But two months later, much of the northern half of the nation is still digging itself out of the snow. Even in the South, unseasonably cold weather is wracking nerves.

All this weather talk has hoteliers everywhere checking to make sure their air conditioning and heating systems are working – and working efficiently. This is particularly true for hotels and inns in Southern locales, filled with guests who had expected to don swimsuits rather than sweaters while traveling.

If it’s time to upgrade your hotel air conditioning system, MDM Lodging can help. We offer top-line AC and heating systems designed to deliver ultimate comfort for your guests while saving your business money. The GE 4100 Series PTAC is touted as the most energy-efficient in the industry. Digital controls, dual fan motors and electronic temperature limiting help keep costs low, while Heat and Freeze Sentinel technology protects unoccupied rooms from excessive heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.

Keep your guests comfortable and your climate control costs minimal by contacting MDM Lodging at 800-673-0929.