October is Health Literacy Month!

October is Health Literacy Month! Improving communication within each health care organization by opening up communication with patients and families is the beginning step to achieving better health outcomes, decreasing readmission’s, improving patient satisfaction, enhancing brand and truly helping doctors and nurses to have improved relationships with their patients.

Looking to reach every patient with the right information at the right time, in the best format for that patient, at the correct learning level is not an easy thing to do, but using technology can work to improve health literacy significantly! It is a way to consistently and effectively allow there to be an extension of each care provider as long as the education provided is the right patient education.

Content is king! Using video based education video that is less than 5 minutes in length, uses first person voice, is engaging, accurate, uses the teach back method, is culturally relevant, is very specific to the current diagnosis, condition, procedure/treatment and pre/post operative care, and is able to be delivered to patients while in the hospital, clinic, physicians office and to the patients home are all keys to reaching patients throughout the continuum of care. Technology allows for this happen, it allows for the patient to repeat the education as often as necessary and to share their education with their family, care givers and loved ones.

This is a tall order to fill, but MDM Commercial has the solution and together, can enhance patients and families health literacy.