Peerless-AV (KP555-S) Indoor Digital Signage Kiosk Enclosure

Make a statement with Peerless-AV’s sleek digital signage kiosk enclosure. Designed to best support 55″ ultra-thin LCD displays, this kiosk enclosure is sure to make an impact with its audience. Whether it’s advertising, a digital directory, or wayfinding, this solution is an ideal fit for a corporate campus, college/university campus, hospital, retail store, shopping mall and more.

  • Designed for 55″ ultra-thin LCD displays to accentuate slim design and large screen real estate
  • Supports a wide range of aesthetic options
  • Rear door allows convenient access to the display, media player and other internal components for easy maintenance
  • Hinged display mounting arm offers ease of installation & ease of access to the display
  • Eight points of tool-less adjustment quickly positions the display in the kiosk window for flush alignment
  • Cam locked rear door offers enhanced security while maintaining an attractive appearance
  • Pre-assembled to simplify installation of the entire solution
  • Base can be free standing or bolted to the floor to increase security
  • Other options include cooling fans and speakers to best meet client needs

MDM Commercial Enterprises, Inc. has equipped healthcare facilities since 1990. MDM offers various options for peerless digital signage kiosk enclosures and TV wall mounts for healthcare facilities and hospitality industry.

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