Hotel Grade Televisions

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Hotel TV Equipment and Systems from MDM Lodging

The right hotel TV system can enhance the guest experience and modernize your hospitality facility. At MDM Lodging, we understand the importance of finding the right commercial-grade TVs and related equipment for your hotel or other lodging facility, as well as choosing a company that can provide the installation, set up, and ongoing technical support you need to keep things running smoothly.

Though upgrading an entire facility with modern technology can be expensive, MDM Lodging allows you to find the best rates available and makes the transition as easy as possible. No matter the challenge you face to improve your existing hotel TV and entertainment system, MDM Lodging has a cost-effective, no-hassle solution that can include:

  • The latest line of HD TVs from LG
  • Home theater quality television systems
  • Small, dresser-top high definition TVs
  • Lodging LG Pro:Centric® Smart

As the nation’s largest LG commercial products dealer, MDM Lodging has the buying power to deliver some of the best prices available. LG-branded hotel TV equipment is a sound investment and great option for replacing your outdated sets. We can help you determine the type and size of system that best fits your budget and offer valuable advice as to the best mounting equipment, proper installation, and in-room hardware configuration to ensure your guests enjoy a quality viewing experience.

Let our professional staff help you gain the edge over competing locations by improving your guest satisfaction with the right hotel TV systems. To learn more about our commercial-grade HD TVs, contact MDM Lodging today by calling 800-359-6741.