Ten Things to Know About Pro AV

Pro AV is integral to our lives today and the way of the future! Here are ten insights into its definition, industry growth, benefits, and much more.

#1 General Definition

“Pro AV” is a term that’s short for “professional audio visual.” This is an umbrella term that covers audio visual systems intended for commercial use as well as individual parts of these systems. This would include digital signage; video conferencing equipment; lighting; recording equipment; cameras; smart whiteboards; and so forth.

#2 Pro AV Growth

The Pro AV market and its audio visual solutions are projected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.92 percent between 2022 and 2027. Dollar-wise, this increase translates into USD $113.26 billion. Actual growth will depend on how much the digital signage industry grows, advances in technology, and the popularity of e-learning.

#3 Digital Signage Industry Growth

Increased digital signage use is helping to drive the growth of Pro AV as businesses use them to provide content to their audiences. In fact, electronic signage is a primary driver of Pro AV growth. Consumers are attracted to the engaging, often interactive features of the signage—especially when the content is useful or otherwise interesting to them. Interactive touchscreens have wide applications and, as they drive the demand for digital signage, this will also provide momentum to Pro AV overall.

#4 Advances in Technology

Technologies driving Pro AV components such as wireless power and wireless data can create bigger and more eye-catching screens than ever before. These advancements allow enormous amounts of data to create displays, including interactive ones. The more sophisticated that these technologies become, the more incredible that the displays will be. Another application of AV systems—the ability to provide mass notifications as part of emergency management—will likely make digital signs even more indispensable in the relatively near future.

#5 Popularity of E-Learning

Even before the pandemic hit, the online education market was expected to reach $350 billion by 2025—and COVID then added fuel to the fire for businesses and schools alike.

In the second item listed in this post (Pro AV growth), we noted that its actual growth will depend on how much the digital signage industry grows, advances in technology, and the popularity of e-learning. As numbers three through five indicate, growth is quite positive.

#6 Range of Learning Styles

People take in information in different ways, and AV solutions can dovetail with just about all of them. It’s quite common to be a visual learner, and audio visual systems naturally incorporate visual elements by providing images, logos, videos, and more. Audio is the other key component of audio visual solutions, which is ideal for people who learn best by hearing information.

Interactive technologies work exceptionally well for kinesthetic learners who appreciate the opportunity to touch and interact with the system. The fourth learning style—reading and writing—is also a perfect match for these technologies as screens share written information; whenever they’d like, this type of learner can jot down what they’ve read on the screens.

#7 Broad Scope of Verticals

AV solutions are used in just about every vertical you can think of today. From healthcare to hospitality and from education to event planning, banking, real estate, government agencies, and more, people appreciate convenient methods of gathering information. As appreciation of this technology continues to grow, people are now expecting audio visual systems when they frequent a store, restaurant, hotel, stadium, healthcare facility, and more.

#8 Mazeophobia Prevention

In other words, use AV solutions to help prevent people from getting lost in your establishment through wayfinding signage. People who have a fear—or even phobia—of not knowing where they’re going in unfamiliar places say the feeling is quite unpleasant. This isn’t, of course, the impression you’d want customers or guests to have when in your facilities. Fortunately, audio visual solutions can be used to seamlessly guide people where they need to go.

#9 Conference Room Features

If your facility rents out space for meetings, conferences, conventions, and more, having modern AV solutions can make the space stand out from the competition. Attendees will be able to see and hear presentations and thereby benefit from the engaging information being shared. By choosing what organizers and attendees alike would want from conference room AV solutions, your facilities will likely benefit from helpful word of mouth advertising.

#10 Digital Menus

Using audio video systems to share information with diners is the modern solution. List what dishes are available and their cost, nutritional information, ingredients, and more—whatever will engage your target audience. These digital menu boards allow you to engage with diners in real time, changing menus when lunch turns into dinner, for example, or when you get a new dish or sell out of one. Images can transform ordinary text into mouth watering examples of what someone can enjoy.

Pro AV Solutions at MDM Commercial

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