MDM Healthcare Launches Journey Patient Experience Solution

Interactive Patient Experience Solution Features Two Different Delivery Options

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – (September 29, 2014) – MDM Healthcare is very excited to introduce “Journey”, patient engagement solution! The Journey solution allows all eligible providers and hospitals to send the right patient education content to patients and families directly to their smart phones, tablets or to their email in real time! What is available to patients while in the hospital and clinic, is also available at home. MDM’s Journey Solution’s ease of installation, stability and very low cost makes it the best option for true patient education and engagement!
The on-demand solution is channel based solution that can be navigated through two ways; the telephone system or through the pillow speaker. Both can be done from the patient’s bedside. The channel based option leverages the hospital’s existing cable infrastructure, which allows for easy setup and integration. The system also offers one or more scheduled play channels that focus on relaxation, general health, nutrition, or wellness content provided by the hospital.

The enhanced network based solution is navigated through the pillow speaker. This system allows for two-way communication between the patient and staff. There are no usage limitations and the solution is 100% scalable. The content can be delivered via RF over coax or network cabling utilizing Z-Band technology. Also, Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration is available with this Journey option.

Both solutions allow for staff to assign videos to a patient’s room and monitor usage at the patient level. The content is accessible in the hospitals, clinics or even in their homes. The solution provides hospitals with a means of delivering education, relaxation content and even entertainment options to the patient. Contact Heather Townsend, Vice-President of Patient Engagement at or at (904) 716-6808 to learn more about Journey patient education and engagement solution by MDM Commercial.