Engaging Video Wall Solutions & Ideas for Healthcare Facilities

Video wall solutions provide hospitals and other healthcare facilities with a significant number of benefits, including the following:

  • Flexibility: Because this system has at least two screens (and often has plenty more), you automatically have more flexibility in usage—whether that means sharing a larger combined image or multiple images. 
  • Attention grabbing: Overall, larger displays capture people’s attention more quickly and easily than smaller ones, amplifying your message.
  • Scalability: You can continue to expand upon the size of your interactive video wall by adding more screens. This boosts the surface size without losing any image quality. 

So, what are the best ways to leverage the power of hospital digital signage through a video wall? Here are six ideas, along with other considerations when installing your interactive video wall. 

Six Strategic Uses for Video Wall Solutions

#1 Communicate with Public Audiences

By displaying these digital boards in lobbies, waiting rooms, and other public spaces, you can effectively communicate with facility visitors, including with the families and friends of patients, vendors, visiting staff, and more. Depending upon the size of the space, you can use two to four screens—or create a true focal point in large public areas with a hospital video wall with up to one hundred screens. 

If you need to make a timely (even urgent) announcement, you can make changes to content in just seconds through our web-based software. Plus, if you want to entertain and inform people in waiting areas, you can split the wall to provide both live TV programming and targeted messaging at the same time. 

#2 Educate Patients and Families

Placing video wall solutions in areas where patients and their families are will automatically create an excellent opportunity for your healthcare facilities to inform and engage them with material that’s relevant to their situation. Content provided in these locations for these audiences will naturally be more targeted to their healthcare conditions while still providing them with relaxing, entertaining content. 

#3  Inform Medical Teams and Other Staff

Leverage this technology to provide workflow information at both macro levels (for example, hospital capacity) and micro ones (an individual patient’s testing needs, health monitoring, and more), as well as for staff scheduling and more. These video wall solutions can be strategically placed and used on patient floors or by medical departments or in any other way that dovetails with your healthcare organization’s structures, processes, and needs. 

#4 Coordinate with Outside Agencies

Healthcare organizations like yours collaborate with first responders—from ambulance companies to police and fire departments and more—and strategically placed walls can provide everyone involved with crucial emergency-related information. Your facility can let medical teams know if a house fire or major traffic accident means that an onrush of wounded people may be arriving while providing the first responders with the insights they need to enhance their life saving efforts. 

#5 Enhance Your Brand

As you provide content, you can promote your brand in ways that range from subtle to forthright. For example, having your healthcare organization’s name and logo by the content you provide will subtly and incrementally reinforce your brand. Then, when you share information about services you provide; gift shop and cafeteria hours and specials; and maps and contact information, you are highlighting the benefits of your brand. 

#6 Increase Revenue with Targeted Advertising

Offering advertising opportunities to businesses and other organizations that provide complementary (but not competitive) services can provide patients and visitors with helpful information while boosting your bottom line. You can also offer sponsorship packages to nearby restaurants, stores, and more. 

Interactive Video Wall Considerations 

When creating a plan for wall placement—which rooms where they should go—consider the:

  • Sizes and shapes of each of these rooms
  • Functions of each room
  • Audiences that will see them
  • Content you intend to broadcast or otherwise display

For example, in a room where surgery scheduling is managed, that content would be carefully targeted to the needs of the staff that handles this function with the wall placed where they can easily view the content. This will likely focus solely on work-related information.

In a waiting room for people having out-patient procedures, content can be a combination of entertainment to keep people in the room as relaxed as possible as well as informative, perhaps to let families know when their loved one will be done with their procedure.

No matter the purpose of a particular interactive video wall, place it appropriately for maximum visibility and ergonomic comfort with the right amount of lighting. 

In places intended for patients and their families, consider how long they might typically be in a particular place and how often they might return. This can provide guidelines about how much informative content to rotate and how often each piece is displayed. If someone sees the same piece of branded content too many times, they may stop engaging with it. If they see that branded information too few times, it may not be enough for them to absorb the info.

If staff-related content is only needed for a day shift, perhaps for a financial office, then it will likely be structured in a different way than content in a room where the hospital operates 24/7/365, such as in an urgent or emergency care facility or space. 

Contact MDM for Your Hospital Video Walls

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MDM also offers high quality content creation and graphic design services, and we’ll collaborate with your marketing team to craft exactly the right branded messaging. 

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