Four Places Every Hotelier Should Install Hotel-Grade Televisions

It’s proven that hotels and inns that have high-quality hotel-grade televisions and TV programming systems enjoy a higher level of customer satisfaction than those that don’t. But does your hospitality facility have enough – and are they properly placed?

To get the full benefit of hotel TV systems, you should have hotel-grade flat-screen TVs placed in the following four locations, each serving different functions:

  1. Behind the counter: Programming on your behind-the-counter hotel TV should act as a welcome and quickly answer a few of the questions that customers otherwise likely will ask your clerks. Great options are information on taxi and limousine services, airport terminal shuttles and services, in-house restaurants and menus, nearby restaurants, popular tourist attractions and points of interest, local activities and retailers.
  2. Lobby: The lobby is a great place to educate hotel guests about the city or region they’re visiting. Segments should be slightly longer than those presented on your behind-the-counter TVs, but still short enough to watch fully in the time that they’ll likely be waiting for a traveling partner to complete registration, a valet to bring their vehicle, a taxi to arrive or a concierge professional to bring their luggage or other requested item. Lobby TVs are particularly useful for wearied travelers traveling with young children in tow, so be sure to include a few features that will appeal to younger audiences. Great programming choices include short segments on local news and weather, health and lifestyle tips and human interest stories.
  3. Poolside, in-house restaurant or other relaxing area: Hotel guests enjoy longer programs in areas where they’ll be spending extended amounts of time, such as the swimming pool, an on-site restaurant or balcony resting areas. Half-hour travel and lifestyle shows are favorites, as are episodes of popular network or cable TV shows.
  4. Guestrooms: This should be an obvious one. But many hotels miss the point by providing lower quality, older television sets. High-quality, flat-screen TVs with crisp pictures and optimal sound should be the only option considered for guestrooms, where customers likely will settle into bed with a movie after a long, busy day traveling or sightseeing.

Contact MDM For Hotel Grade Televisions

Whether a hotel chain with dozens of locations, or a small bed-and-breakfast inn, hotel grade TV systems can significantly boost customer satisfaction and assure they’ll not only come back on their next visit to town, but refer you to friends and business acquaintances, too. To make sure your systems are top-notch, contact MDM Lodging at 800-359-6741 or via our convenient online email form.