Nine Benefits of Utilizing Digital Signage in Hospitals

Digital signage solutions for healthcare facilities serve as exceptionally versatile communication tools for hospitals, clinics, physician buildings, and more. This post guides you through nine key benefits realized by healthcare organizations who leverage the power of healthcare digital signage—and, because each facility is unique, yours may have additional benefits that are specific to your buildings and communication needs.

#1 Guide Patients and Visitors to Destinations

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of hospital digital signage. When patients, their families, vendors, and other visitors come to your healthcare facilities, they’re often entering a large building (or buildings) with numerous hallways, lobbies, departments, stairs, elevators and more. Providing clarity in what might appear to be a maze helps people to find their destinations in more timely ways.

This process can begin with outside signage that allows patients and their families to know if they’re using the optimal entrance and then direct them from that point on.

#2 Reduce Patient Stress

Ask a room full of people (any group of people, really) if they enjoy getting lost. The response will almost universally be a resounding “no.” Yet, some estimates suggest that about one third of people trying to find a location within a healthcare facility will, in fact, get lost. This can add to patient stress, right when the ideal situation would be to lower anxiety—with clear healthcare digital signage playing a significant role in solving the situation.

#3 Save Staff Time

When people get lost in a facility, they often stop hospital employees to ask for directions, which can take up your staff’s time. Then, when patients are late for an appointment, this can cause a disruption in that department, which causes frustration for patients and staff members alike. When digital signage solutions for healthcare are used, services can be provided more efficiently and on time. During COVID, this has an added benefit: patients can use technology to find their own way, which reduces the number of up-close conversations needed.

#4 Personalize Patient Care

People naturally appreciate personalized care and, when digital signage is used to provide educational information that’s relevant to their condition and situation, this can meet the patients where they are, knowledge-wise. This allows you to inform, educate, and engage with patients.

As a related benefit, hospital digital signage can be used to inform family members of the status of a loved one’s procedure. When empowered with this knowledge, the wait can seem shorter and can come with less anxiety. This can be handled in a private way by assigning numbers to individual patients.

#5 Provide Real Time Information

From public safety announcements to information about hospital services (from cafeteria hours to gift shop locations), wellness content, safety tips and more, you can share relevant news with guests at your facility. You can rotate this information, as desired, interrupt with real-time updates, include logos and other branded info, and more. This allows your facilities to reduce or eliminate paper notices that quickly become outdated.

The pandemic has increased the need for real-time alerts. Your organization can use hospital digital signage to share policies, safety protocols, and more, which can be especially helpful as COVID-related recommendations evolve.

#6 Share Up-to-Date Information With Staff

Digital signage outside of a patient’s room can provide medical staff with crucial information, ranging from allergies to quarantine info and more. Nurse station signage can make it easy for doctors and others to see which nurses are on duty while ones in emergency rooms can instantly inform the ER team about an accident that will lead to multiple patients arriving soon.

This can reduce or eliminate the need for stacks of paper that must be passed from person to person or verbal announcements that may need repeated numerous times. It can allow medical personnel to verify information without the need to interrupt someone else who is providing crucial patient care.

This technology can also be used to efficiently and effectively onboard new staff, provide staff training, and more.

#7 Guide Visiting Medical Staff

When your healthcare facility expects new or visiting medical professionals to arrive, digital signage makes it easy for them to find where they need to go to assist in medical situations, consult, attend meetings, and more. This can be especially important when additional assistance is needed in crisis situations, but is helpful throughout the year.

#8 Label Quarantine and Other Restricted Areas

Healthcare digital signage allows you to quickly and easily share when an area is restricted, even when those areas evolve as the need for space changes. This, again, is especially relevant in the time of a pandemic but is a need that never goes away in a healthcare setting. Places that could need quarantine signage include relevant medical examination rooms, areas where samples are collected, dining and restroom facilities for quarantined patients, bio-waste areas, and so forth.

#9 Provide Waiting Room/Lobby Entertainment and Information

Your facilities can use the same technology to provide entertainment to people in waiting rooms and lobbies while also sharing videos about the facilities and available services. You can promote your facilities, too, from specials in in-house shops to cafeteria menus and more. You can use these opportunities to promote your brand and market your services while providing families and guests with engaging programming.

Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

You can leverage the power of healthcare digital signage to improve the overall patient experience and increase loyalty. Commercial grade signage at MDM Commercial uses modern touch screen technologies in a range of interactive digital signage solutions to engage with site guests; connect with them in relevant ways; and therefore boost satisfaction levels with service.

People appreciate access to readily available information and experts believe demand for self-serve info will continue to increase. This means that facilities that use hospital digital signage will stand out among others.

To discuss which digital signage for healthcare facilities makes sense for your specific needs, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.