Benefits of Hotel Microwave Fridge Combo Appliances

When thinking about what in-room amenities to provide your guests, one of your considerations will be space: how much a room has and how to prioritize what guests will appreciate the most. Kitchen appliances can be on the top of guests’ lists because they provide plenty of practical convenience: for families who don’t always want to take their children to eating establishments; for those with babies who need milk; for people of any age on a special diet; and so forth.

Throughout the development of modern kitchen appliances, logical combinations have taken place: the oven and stove top, for example, and the refrigerator and freezer—and now the microwave fridge that may also come with a freezer. Besides being logical, usage-wise, they can also save space, which is crucial in hotel room amenities.

Hotel Mini Fridge Microwave Combos

Each component of this two-in-one (sometimes three-in-one) solution comes with plenty of guest benefits. We’ll look at the benefits separately, and then share how much more impactful they can be in combination appliances. (Perhaps most important, having these comforts of home available will make it more likely that guests will return for another stay!)

Benefits of In-Room Mini Fridges

Mini fridges are ideal to store snacks and drinks. When on a jam-packed business trip or a vacation—and time is of the essence—guests may not want to spend lots of time getting something to eat at a dining establishment, and fridges in their rooms allow them to have food and drink nearby. This includes when parents need to keep baby formula cold and even when medications should be kept cool.

People on special diets can stay on their eating plan by bringing along what they can eat during meals without worry. After going to a restaurant, guests can bring back doggie bags and other leftovers, knowing that they’ve got what they need to keep them cold. Plus, if your hospitality facilities offer long-term stays, people will need to have a practical way to store and cool their food and drink items.

Benefits of In-Room Microwaves

When it’s time to warm up food, whether leftovers or something the guests have brought along, it’s fast and easy to do so. This can be ideal any time of the day or night, but perhaps especially so when someone wants a quick bite to eat before starting a day or looking for a late night snack. Again, with long-term stays, having a way to warm up food is just about essential.

Benefits of a Hotel Fridge Microwave Combo

These combination appliances have all of the benefits of its components in a cost effective, space-saving way. Space that’s saved can give guests more room for the belongings they bring. When you have a combination appliance, they automatically match in color and design, too, creating an attractive, eye-catching aesthetic.

Plus, hotel fridge micro combos often come with additional features that benefit guests. For example, they often also contain freezers, expanding options guests have when storing food, and they may also have a beverage dispenser. An additional key benefit: these combination appliances also often have an electronic device charger, which is crucial in today’s stay-connected world. Combination appliances can even come with smoke detection devices.

Using mini fridge microwave combos can also provide plenty of benefits for the hotels that provide them. Safe Plugs allow you to save on energy costs when running the appliances, which reduces your facilities’ overall energy expenses. This patented technology is built into the microwave, reducing the risk of fire while conserving energy. The way Safe Plugs work: when guests use the microwave portion of the combination appliance, power temporarily shuts down to the other portions: the refrigeration part and the charging outlets.

Quality mini fridge microwave combos like we offer at MDM are safe and long-lasting, built to withstand heavy use, and they come with warranties.

Hotel Fridge Microwave Combo Options

At MDM, we offer a wide range of trustworthy MicroFridge® brands, which include Danby® and One Plug™. This well respected company provides safe and energy efficient food storage and prep solutions for hotels in convenient ways.

Plenty of options exist when choosing yours, and here are a couple of them to consider:

  • Danby® One Plug™ 3.1SM6-7A1: This one-plug combination appliance has a 700 watt 3.1 cubic foot microwave, a 3.1 cubic foot refrigerator with an annual energy consumption of 199 kWh, and a zero degree freezer. Extra features include a CanStor® beverage dispenser and two-liter bottle storage. The appliance comes with six simple one touch cooking options (popcorn, potato, pizza, beverage, dinner plate, and reheat) as well as three speciality programs (cook by weight, defrost by weight, speed defrost).
  • Danby® One Plug™ 3.2SM4A-7A1: This has a slightly bigger refrigerator (3.2 cubic foot) and a full width ice compartment. It also features auto defrost and comes with the CanStor® beverage dispenser and tall bottle storage, six one touch cooking options, and three specialty cooking programs.
  • MicroFridge with Safe Plug Microwave Ovens MFM-9D1 MFM-9D1W: This .9 cubic foot microwave with 850 watt power comes with a two-door refrigerator/freezer with 3.2 cubic feet of space.

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