Z-Band’s TV Distribution System is an active, self-adjusting system that distributes the full spectrum of RF television channels. It uses single-mode fiber, or coax, for the backbone and category cable for the horizontal to the individual TVs. By cascading “video hubs” (not “switches”) together, the system is easily scalable to serve hundreds of TVs within a building or campus. It uses an active balun located behind the TV or in a wall outlet leading to the TV to condition the signal for consistent high picture quality. This system maximizes your facilities HD television capability!

So, what is the value of a complete Z-Band System? Below is a bulleted list of the many advantages:

  • Cat cable is less expensive per foot than coax
  • Equipment utilizes rack space instead of wall space – no more plywood backboards
  • Only two pieces of z-band equipment are needed; a video hub and a balun
  • Only one signal level to set and monitor – no more RF engineering support
  • Less time spent on installing TVs – no more taps and splits with coax. It is all done electronically from the technology closet
  • Adding additional TVs is simple – plugging a cat jumper cable from the video hub to a patch panel and adding a balun at the new TV location
  • No more intermediate technology to monitor and replace
  • Built in fiber receiver option saves 1u of rack space when utilizing a fiber backbone
  • Eliminates the need to keep balancing the distribution amplifiers

With the enormous challenges in providing healthcare today, MDM can upgrade your existing TV system into a modern delivery platform or can help design and implement a new state-of-the art high definition system with video-on-demand capabilities that transforms your healthcare environment into one where patient entertainment and learning, and staff productivity enhancements can drive the bottom line. Contact us today to schedule a site assessment and quote!