PDi medTV Arm-mounted Patient HDTV (16″)

Arm-mounted Healthcare-grade Widescreen Patient HD Television with Integrated Pro:Idiom®

Available in 16″

The Standard in Complete Personal Patient TVs
PDi is the trusted leader of arm-mounted patient TVs. This arm-mounted HDTV is the latest model to satisfy and entertain patients, comfortably. Leverage existing PDi arm systems with this direct replacement to upgrade the earlier model and the Persona P10 televisions by PDi.

Clean Design, Built for Patient Safety
The medTV is designed for infection control. The full glass front and antimicrobial plastics help limit HACs and are durable for rigorous hospital cleaning.

Superior TV Experience
Patients love the crisp image from the FHD panel and great sound with forward-facing speakers. This personal display is equal with a 90” wall TV experience. Equipped with MPEG4 and Pro:Idiom®, give patients access to more HD channels with DirectTV or Satellite programming.

Power Over Ethernet or Power Over Coax
Invest in future-proof patient entertainment with the industry’s first POE patient television or choose traditional PDi low-voltage power supplies for power over coax. Either way, save money on electrical installations!


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