1400 Series Swing Arms for Bedside Healthcare TVs and Devices

PDI-1407 supports 7 lbs, PDI-1412 supports 12 lbs, PDI-1413 supports 13 lbs

A personal approach to transform the patient experience.

Transform the patient room and improve the experience by creating an interactive environment centered around the patient. Select the 1400 Series arm for a lean 68” extension that holds a medTV or medTAB device for the patient.

Benefits of PDi Swing Arms include:

Reduced back, neck and eye strain. Allow the patient to easily adjust their viewing experience away from glare and to where it’s most comfortable in their current position.

A broad range of motion.

With just a light touch, the 1400 Series pneumatic nitrogen gas cylinder support design can easily lift, swing, tilt or rotate or be placed in a compact, retracted position to free up space.

Hassle-Free Cable Adjustments

Changing cables in the 1400 Series arm is a snap. There’s no need to remove the arm from the wall to replace cables. Simply swap cables by removing the newly designed full length cable shields, make your changes and re-insert the shields.

Stability and security.

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