PTAC Units for Hotels and Other Hospitality Businesses Available from MDM Lodging

PTAC UnitsPTAC units, or packaged terminal air conditioners, are essential for creating the ideal room environment for your guests. Whether you need air conditioners for rooms in your hotel, motel, resort, or any other type of lodging facility, you can find the products you’re looking for with MDM Lodging. Since 1990, we have been supplying the hospitality industry with commercial-grade equipment that is durable, energy efficient, and guaranteed to enhance the guest experience.

At MDM Lodging, we offer a variety of PTAC units from the trusted manufacturer GE®. You’re sure to find an option that suits your needs from our broad selection of:

  • Through-the-wall room air conditioners
  • Cool-only room air conditioners
  • Heat/cool room air conditioners
  • Vertical PTACs
  • And more

With our air conditioner units installed at your hotel or other lodging facility, your guests will be able to control the temperature of their rooms and stay comfortable, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. The right equipment from MDM Lodging can help you improve satisfaction and increase the likelihood of your guests coming back for future stays, time and again.

We welcome you to browse our online catalog to explore the many options we offer. Or, for personalized service, you can contact an MDM Lodging professional at 800-359-6741 and receive assistance finding the right PTAC units for your hotel or other lodging facility.