Choose MDM Lodging for Your Hotel TV Distribution System Needs

Hotel TV Distribution System

An effective hotel TV distribution system is essential for any lodging facility, and the company to turn to for top-of-the-line commercial-grade equipment, video distribution systems, and professional services is MDM Lodging. Serving the hospitality industry since 1990, MDM Lodging is dedicated to identifying and providing the technological solutions your lodging facility needs to maintain a competitive edge and enhance the guest experience.

When you turn to MDM Lodging for your video distribution needs, you’ll know you’re in good hands from start to finish. Our professional team will examine your existing infrastructure and build a TV distribution system that will deliver high-definition signals throughout your lodging facility.

To talk about what your lodging facilities need for an optimal hotel television distribution system, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Benefits of Hotel Television Distribution Systems

The hospitality business is a competitive space with brands and facilities looking for ways to improve the guest experience and boost brand loyalty. After all, a satisfied guest is likely to return when needing lodging again and more likely to share their satisfaction through positive online reviews and other forms of beneficial word of mouth marketing.

When thinking about a hotel, motel, or resort room, guests almost certainly envision kicking back and watching entertaining programs after a busy day at a business conference or when it’s time to take their shoes off after a day of sightseeing. Television entertainment quality matters!

In-room and lobby television equipment can also be used to spread relevant information about your services, from restaurant to gift shop specials, and are another opportunity to promote your brand. You can market your in-facility gym, pool, spa, or other amenity and benefit from cross-marketing agreements where other local establishments promote your lodging facility in exchange for mentions of their events.

One Stop Shop for Your Hotel TV Distribution System

MDM Commercial provides for all of your television programming needs. Here are more specifics.

HD Television Sets

We offer a wide range of HD television sets that are suitable for guest rooms and lobby areas because we know how the right choices modernize your hospitality facilities and enhance the overall guest experience. Options include the latest line of LG HD TVs, home theater quality television systems, and small dresser top HD TVs.

Device Selection Assistance

As you’re choosing devices and technologies for your hotel cable TV distribution system/hotel video distribution system, full compatibility is key. Our professionals will take the heavy lifting off of you, leveraging industry knowledge and experience to take care of your television equipment, networking, and distribution needs the right way. Enhance your guest experience while eliminating compatibility frustration for your hospitality team.

Professional Installation Services

After choosing the appropriate equipment for your state of the art hotel television distribution system, our experienced team can handle the installation for a seamless transition to your new technology. We offer evaluation services where our team tests your equipment, post-installation, to ensure that all technology is optimally performing.

Professional Configuration Services

With Pro:Centric, the LG technology platform, configuration updates are conveniently loaded to a server, which eliminates the need for individual room updates and saves you labor time and associated costs. From a guest perspective, they can easily locate programming of choice from the comfort of their own rooms. This is just one reason why MDM offers the LG brand of hotel grade televisions: to leverage the powerful Pro:Centric technology.

Ongoing Account Management/Technical Support

Through these services, we can handle any future product or service needs so you can focus on providing a second to none guest experience. In fact, we can create a convenient package that includes the hospitality technology you need, along with installation, configuration, consulting, and customer support.

Choose MDM: Hotel TV Distribution Needs

MDM Commercial has been providing in-demand equipment for the hospitality industry since 1990. Our philosophy is to provide the finest customer service with top quality equipment and technology at the most competitive rates, which in turn will attract and retain the best customers. Win-win for everyone!

Contact MDM Lodging at 800-359-6741 today for more information on how we can design a TV distribution system tailored to the unique needs of your lodging facility. Or contact us online. We’re ready to help!