Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Capture your customers’ attention and increase sales at the point of sale (POS) by using digital menu boards. Your restaurant, bistro, cafeteria or other food-serving facility can benefit from a state-of-the-art digital menu that displays dynamic and customized content. Popular restaurant chains around the world are already using high-definition, digital menu boards in their restaurants, and they are seeing an increase in average order value and overall sales. The opportunities for growth are endless.

The beauty of digital menu boards is how easy they are to customize, thanks to the availability of templates and content creation tools. You can change your menu as often as you want without having to pay a company to redesign your traditional menu board. You can even customize your menu board to change the content automatically based on the schedule you’ve set. This especially benefits restaurants that offer a breakfast menu until a certain time or that offer lunchtime specials.

Speaking of specials, digital menu boards make it easy to communicate specials and promotions to your customers. Specials can be changed in one location or in several restaurant locations from any screen of your choosing, including from a remote location. This makes it easy to customize messaging for a specific location at any given point in time. Your customers will take notice of the clear, easy-to-read displays, resulting in up-sells and larger orders.

With the digital menu boards offered by MDM, you can also save money on personnel costs. By adding an interactive feature, customers can order right from the menu. This automates the ordering process and enhances the impact on the customer, since messaging can be targeted even more directly at the customer. Our digital menus are user-friendly and provide a fun experience for customers.

If you’ve ever been drawn in by a video of a decadent dessert or a juicy hamburger on a menu board, then you’ve witnessed first-hand the kind of impact that a digital menu board can have on a customer. It’s hard to walk by a menu that’s displaying mouthwatering content – this makes marketing a breeze!

Your MDM representative can help you design a menu board that fits exactly what you need and that increases your sales and encourages customers to return to your restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a basic signage solution for one local restaurant or you’re interested in a more complex solution for a chain of restaurants, you’ll find that we have exactly what you require. Contact us today for a free consultation to help you get started.

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