How Performance Venues Can Enhance the Audience Experience with Digital Signage

Live performance venues are known for providing unforgettable experiences for their audiences. Whether it is a musical, play, or concert these venues bring people together to share in the excitement of live entertainment. New technology has allowed performance venues to incorporate digital signage into their space, elevating the overall experience for guests. Digital signage is a cost-effective, flexible, and dynamic way to communicate with audiences, and it’s becoming an essential part of the modern entertainment landscape. By using high-resolution displays and dynamic graphics, performing arts venues can create eye-catching displays that draw in audiences. Do you need custom content? Our Creative Services Department has seasoned professionals who offer you the ability to customize the look and feel of your customer interfaces. 

Lobbies are often crowded spaces, and it can be challenging to get the attention of potential patrons as they pass through. With digital signage, performance venues can capture their audience’s attention, and convey targeted messages and real-time information. This can include information on intermissions, special promotions, and even weather updates that may impact the performance. By providing this information in real time, venues can create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for audiences.  

Onstage digital displays can be used to enhance performances and draw in audiences with stunning visuals. Digital signage can also be used to generate additional revenue through advertising. Venues can partner with businesses to display ads on their digital displays, promoting products and services to audiences before and after performances, generating additional revenue. 

Digital signage can also be used to create interactive displays that engage and entertain audiences. For example, venues can use touch screens to allow audiences to explore the history of the venue, learn more about the performers, or order concessions. By creating these interactive experiences, venues can create a more immersive and memorable experience for audiences. 

Outside, performance venues can use digital signage in a variety of ways to enhance their presence and attract audiences. Use digital signage to promote upcoming performances or events or to display information like dates, times, and ticket availability. This can be especially effective in high-traffic areas where people are likely to see the signage and be drawn in by the message. Additionally, digital signage can be used to display highlights from past performances or provide information about the venue itself, such as its history and amenities. Performance venues can also utilize outdoor kiosks as interactive information centers, providing visitors with maps, schedules, and other helpful resources. They can also be used to sell tickets or merchandise, allowing guests to make purchases on the spot. Digital signage can be strategically placed throughout the exterior of the venue to help companies build their brand and connect with new audiences. 

Our expert team can help with your free consultation to find the best Pro Av solution for you. They will be happy to discuss your needs and make customized recommendations that will fulfill your requirements and fit within your unique venue space, timeline, and budget. We have highlighted some products that are ideal for performance venues below.  

LG’s Premium Curved Indoor DVLED (Direct View LED) displays, featuring brightness levels up to 1000nits, can deliver brilliant images that will command guests’ attention. These displays have many installation options. With fine pixel-pitch options and a wide horizontal viewing angle of 160°, everyone can have the “best seat in the house.” 

An LG fine-pitch indoor DVLED display provides a “larger than life” atmosphere and delivers high-quality images with vivid colors, breathtaking contrast, and ultra-fine detail. 

Enhance guest experience with the dazzling color and brightness of an LG Fine-Pitch Essential Series Indoor DVLED Display. Available in four pixel-pitch options (0.945mm, 1.25mm,1.56mm, 1.88mm), these displays deliver 600 nits brightness to produce brilliant images that will immerse viewers. Additional features include signal detection status indicator, front serviceability, lightweight cabinets, and compatibility with various LG software solutions. LG’s Open-Frame Curved OLED displays deliver breathtaking colors with infinite contrast, thanks to their ability to produce absolute black. LG’s OLED modules can be installed in various configurations to blend seamlessly into existing architecture, including arched, curved, concave, and convex. 

LG’s 0.44mm Even Bezel Video Wall is the perfect choice to provide large displays that deliver stunning images in FHD, creating a dazzling mosaic that will enhance gathering spaces. Audiences will be amazed by their seamless design, wide viewing angle, and rich color reproduction. 

LG’s UHD Multi-Touch Screen Digital IPS Display invites guest interaction for wayfinding or to discover all the exciting upcoming shows. It features LG’s webOS 4.1 and Smart Signage platforms, anti-shatter glass, conformal coating, embedded group manager, and can recognize up to 40 point-touches at once, providing multiple users a smooth response. 

LG’s Open-Frame Curvable OLED displays feature screens with infinite contrast, thanks to their ability to produce absolute black for breathtaking content that can seamlessly blend into existing architecture. 

Rugged High-Brightness Outdoor Displays are IP56 rated and designed to withstand wide temperature and ambient light variances. Their high brightness screens and wide viewing angles allow them to be seen on and off-axis, even in direct sunlight. LG Outdoor Displays can be used to greet guests and provide them with a myriad of information, including wayfinding and promotion.  

Digital signage has revolutionized the way that performance and entertainment venues engage and entertain their audiences. By using dynamic displays to showcase upcoming performances, provide real-time updates, create interactive experiences, and generate additional revenue through advertising, venues can create a more seamless, enjoyable, and memorable experience for patrons. We also offer a full range of graphic creation services for your digital display needs. If you’re looking to upgrade your audience experience, consider incorporating digital signage into your space today! To ask questions or get started in building your own Pro AV solution, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741. 


Please note some of the information above was previously published in LG Look books.