Is It Time to Update Your Hotel Room Design?

Does your hotel room design feel tired, antique, or just dated — even though you don’t want it to? Updating the electronics in your rooms is an easy way to modernize your design aesthetic, project a luxurious experience to your guests, optimize and control their individual experiences, and, most importantly, save money on your energy bill.

Control the Experience with Hotel Grade TVs

It’s undeniable that TVs are important to hotel guests. As 4k resolutions and smart TVs become common, guests have come to expect them in their hotel rooms. With new hotel grade TVs, you can choose attractive, modern sets that enhance your hotel room design and provide thousands of hours of use over their lifetime. Smart TVs also offer hotel managers the ability to selectively program content to enhance the guest experience.

The Latest Electronics Help You Save Money

Upgrading to new air conditioners allows guests to have personalized control over their room climates. New ACs also ensure that room temperatures do not needlessly fluctuate when rooms are unoccupied, or during times of intense weather. Similarly, installing smart light sensors allows you to control wasted energy by ensuring that lights are only on when needed. Updating these ubiquitous room elements can have a powerful effect on updating your hotel room design since they are objects that guests will constantly interact with. More importantly, upgrading the most-used electronics in your rooms is a great way to ensure that your devices meet the newest Energy Star standards and keep your power bill low.

MDM Lodging Has Everything You Need to Make Your Rooms Special

MDM Lodging has decades of experience in the hotel industry and offers all the electronics you need for your rooms. Our dedicated account managers are there to provide custom solutions for your hotel room design needs. We also provide a professional installation that ensures a seamless transition to your upgraded rooms and our full-time support teams provide ongoing assistance for any problems that arise. Contact MDM Lodging today to find out more information or to get a quote.