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MDM Commercial: Upgrading Your Technology Starts with Finding the One Source You Can Trust

From Time Square to hospital rooms, hotels to retail stores, MDM displays are lighting up the customer experience.
Solution-based systems are custom designed for clients who want to serve their customers with the most up-to-date, information, entertainment, or brand-sustaining visual experiences anywhere. Look into our success stories for hospital and hospitality solutions for TV and guest information.

Or into our bold, great use of direct-view LED technology to create environments and impress customers.

“We rely on MDM heavily and quite frankly, without them we wouldn't be the market leader that we are in the hotel vertical in the healthcare vertical. They fulfill needs that we cannot fulfill. They do right by the customers, and that final experience has to be spot on. Otherwise, it's not going to work for them.” said Michael Kosla, Vice President of Hospitality Sales at LG Electronics.

MDM is the largest supplier of LG video displays in the nation their customer service is the best in the business. “The goal is to find the right solution for your size organization and MDM is responsive, they were the right size fit for us. I didn't have to spend six months ramping up to find the right products and the right group, it was already there, and we just launched,” said Chris Zappanti, IT Manager of Implementation Services at Ohio's Hospice.

The team at MDM prides itself on its dedication to customer service, as CEO Steve Austin explains:
“The customer is everything, and doing what's right for the customer and treating them right. You care a lot about your reputation and what you're providing, and that's the most important thing to us, what we do for the customer,” he said.

When you chose MDM Commercial you have an army of experienced service-oriented professionals ready to make your project easier to manage. Whether it is the massive display and one of the world's iconic hotels, guest entertainment, and information systems, or tying together personnel and customers through integrated information and data sharing projects. MDM can design a system that gets the results you want. Contact us for a free consultation today. Your results can be spectacular.

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