Featuring a single-door 100% refrigerator and a .7 cu. ft., 700 watt microwave oven with a fully integrated Charging Station allowing you to re-charge electronic devices with the safety and energy conservation benefits of Safe Plug® technology.

The leader through innovation.

MicroFridge® combination appliances were initially designed to solve electrical problems originating from the use of multiple in-room appliances. In addition to SafePlug® technology, MicroFridge® products have several other innovations that make them the leading combination appliance available today:

  • Patent-pending power management system that keeps power draw at 11 – 13 amps or less, reducing circuit overload and minimizing the risk of fire.
  • Dual outlet charge station provides a convenient way to re-charge personal electronics that draw 4 amps or less – such as laptops, cells phones, MP3 players and more.
  • One-plug-to-the-wall operation, the refrigerator plugs into the microwave, managing power consumption.
  • Microwave mounting brackets eliminate the risk of electrical shock from self-installation.
  • CFC-free and D.O.E. compliant.

Additional MicroFridge® innovations include:

  • 3-minute cycle delay, internal to the unit that increases the life of the appliance.
  • Comprehensive warranty with toll-free customer service and a nationwide service network for fast service response.
  • Both single door and 2-door units available. On 2-door units, one door is for the refrigerator and the other is for the freezer – so frozen foods stay frozen.
  • Bold design details that complement any decor.

MDM commercial offers MicroFridge products for dorm rooms, resort lodging, hotels and motels. To see the complete line-up of microwaves and refrigerator products MDM Commercial offers, click here.

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