LG Digital X-ray Detector with a-Si TFT

  • 140㎛ pixel size
  • 16bit A/D conversion
  • IP68, Magnesium & Carbon-fiber Body
  • Raw Image in 1.5 sec.(Wired) / 2 sec.(Wireless)
  • Max. Uniform Load : 400kg / Max. Point Load : 200kg

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LG presents the 10HQ701G-BP, a cutting-edge digital X-ray detector featuring a-Si TFT technology. This second-generation flat panel detector ensures rapid acquisition of high-quality images in less than seven seconds, whether operating wirelessly or via wired connection. Designed for user convenience and enhanced portability, it comes with a rear-sided handle and utilizes carbon fiber and magnesium materials for durability and lightweight construction, facilitating effortless workflow in modern medical environments.

The Acquisition Workstation Software (ASHK100G) drives the functionality of the 10HQ701G-BP and other DXD products, providing a straightforward workflow solution for image capture and processing. With sculpted handgrips and chamfered edges, these detectors offer exceptional portability, weighing 4.0 lbs (10HQ701G), 7.1 lbs (14HQ701G), and 8.2 lbs (17HQ701G) respectively.

Embedded OLED info displays enable users to monitor DXD status, including connection state, battery life, access point, and auto storage. Featuring amorphous silicon TFT technology, these detectors deliver clear images, while their IP68 rating ensures durability, withstanding a maximum uniform load of 400kg and a drop height of up to 1.5m.

The carbon and magnesium body ensures efficient portability, with a lightweight design and three-side chamfer for ergonomic handling. Long-lasting battery life of up to 7.5 hours ensures uninterrupted use during extended operating times, with hot-swappable batteries for continuous functionality.

The built-in OLED display panel allows users to monitor device status, ensuring seamless operation in clinical settings. Intended for general radiographic imaging of human anatomy, the 10HQ701G-BP is designed to replace film or screen-based systems in diagnostic procedures, excluding mammography.








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