Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD)

  • 140㎛ pixel size
  • 16bit A/D conversion 
  • Raw Image in 2.5 sec. (wireless) Raw image in 2 sec. (wired) 
  • IP53: Water and Dust Resistant 
  • Magnesium & Carbon-fiber Body

Healthcare professionals utilizing the LG 14HK701G-WP Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD) for accurate and efficient medical imaging. The lightweight yet durable design, coupled with advanced image processing technology, ensures precise diagnostic results.

Introducing the 14HK701G-WP, a Digital X-Ray Detector (DXD) by LG.

Featuring a 140㎛ pixel size and 16-bit A/D conversion, this DXD ensures rapid image acquisition, delivering a raw image in just 2 seconds (wired) or 2.5 seconds (wireless). Its IP53 rating provides water and dust resistance, safeguarding against environmental hazards.

LG DXD prioritizes diagnostic accuracy, boasting superior image quality and resolution without distortion, thanks to its 16-bit image processing and optimal pixel pitches. The magnesium and carbon-fiber body not only enhances durability but also maintains a lightweight design.

Efficiency is paramount with LG DXD, as it enhances productivity with rapid image availability. Additionally, the Acquisition Workstation Software (AWS) facilitates multi-layer image processing, ensuring well-balanced visualization and improved tissue visibility.

With a highly sensitive CsI AED detector and 16-bit AD conversion, this DXD delivers superior image quality for diagnostic confidence. Its lightweight yet durable construction, coupled with IP41 water resistance and dustproofing, ensures reliability in various settings.

LG DXD combines cutting-edge technology with robust construction to streamline diagnostic workflows and provide clinicians with the utmost confidence in their imaging results.







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