LG 31” 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor

  • FDA 510(k) Class II approved for Mammography 
  • 12MP (4200 x 2800) Display Resolution 
  •  Picture by Picture Operation  
  • Internal Front Sensor for Calibration  
  • Down Lighting 
  • Wall Lighting  
  • Pathology Mode 
  • Focus View Mode 

Transform your radiology workflow with the LG 32HL512D-B Diagnostic Color Monitor. Impeccable image quality and unrivaled clarity empower precise diagnostics. Contact (800) 359-6741 our experts for seamless integration and unparalleled imaging excellence.


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Transform your diagnostic imaging capabilities with the LG 31” 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor, designed to revolutionize precision and clarity in medical imaging. This cutting-edge monitor boasts an impressive 12 megapixels, ensuring every detail is captured with unparalleled accuracy and definition. With a spacious 31-inch display, healthcare professionals can visualize images with exceptional clarity and make critical diagnoses with confidence. Equipped with advanced features such as DICOM Part 14 compliance, luminance uniformity correction, and automatic calibration, this diagnostic monitor guarantees consistent and reliable performance across various medical imaging applications. Whether used in radiology, mammography, or other diagnostic specialties, the LG 31” 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor sets a new standard for image quality and diagnostic accuracy. Elevate your diagnostic workflow and enhance patient care by integrating the latest LG technology into your medical practice. Contact us today to discover how the LG 31” 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor can revolutionize your diagnostic imaging capabilities and improve clinical outcomes. Reach out to one of our healthcare sales experts today for a quote!

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Introducing the LG 31″ 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor for Mammography

This cutting-edge diagnostic monitoring & development tool is engineered to redefine diagnostic imaging. With FDA 510(k) Class II approval for Mammography, this LG 8MP diagnostic monitor sets new standards in radiology imaging.

Boasting a Stunning 12MP (4200 x 2800) Display Resolution

The 31HN713D-B ensures unparalleled clarity and precision in medical imaging. Experience seamless operation with features like Picture by Picture Operation and an Internal Front Sensor for Calibration, ensuring consistent and accurate performance in lg monitor diagnostic mode.

Offering Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability

The 31HN713D-B brings precision technology for diagnostic radiology purposes. For mammography applications, this monitor is also compatible with 5 megapixel monitors for mammogram viewing, providing exceptional detail and clarity. Enhance your workflow with the convenience of a dual monitor kvm switch for mammograms reading stations, allowing for seamless multitasking and improved productivity.

Elevate Your Diagnostic Efficiency

The 12 MP Diagnostic Monitor with advanced functionalities such as Pathology Mode and Focus View Mode, enabling detailed examination and efficient diagnosis. This LG radiology monitor is designed for optimal performance, with self-calibration capabilities and a Presence Sensor for enhanced security, ensuring reliable and consistent image display in LG monitoring view.

Transform your Diagnostic Practice with the LG 31HN713D-B Diagnostic Monitor

Experience the future of diagnostic imaging. Contact our healthcare sales experts today for a quote and elevate your radiology practice to new heights of precision and efficiency. Don’t delay – contact one of our seasoned healthcare sales representatives for a quote today, either online or by calling us at (800) 359-6741!

An overhead shot of the LG 31  

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